Fast Page Loading Themes Blogs

I have used almost all of them under the mistaken impression it enhances my sites aesthetics and the information provided by these widgets are useful for the reader.

Traffic to blog posts, I have noticed, is because of Content.

What we write, and its usefulness to the reader drives traffic.

And authenticity with sources for the information.

Anything more than this distracts the reader.

People browse, in general,for fast and relevant information

There are exceptions where people want to pass time.

For this they have a lot of sites including social networking sites like Facebook,Myspace,Tumblr, thought he last one accommodates serious stuff as well.

One has to choose a Theme which has minimum elements technically yet loads faster.

The Color schemes may have a role in this.

Facebook, Divorce,Alcohol Abuse,Escort Service,Syphilis

The Internet is abuzz  with Statistics showing that Facebook is responsible for 20% of Divorce according to Lawyers. Worst of all is the fact that “”There are now FB widows and ‘spending time on Facebook’ is replacing ‘spending time online watching porn’ as grounds for cruelty,” said Deshmukh. There are also reports that Facebook increases Alcohol abuse. Neela Gokhale, a […]

Some of The Best Facebook Statuses.

Really funny. ”    I want to make a Facebook account and the name will be Nobody so when I see stupid crap people post, I can Like it. And it will say Nobody Likes This. “Username or Password incorrect.” TELL ME WHICH ONE YOU SON OF A BITCH One out of four people is a […]

Americans and Social Media ,a Study.

The urge to be gregarious seems to be reflected in this study. Communication problems with the members of the family and clash of values,gross materialism and the view that whatever is,is here to stay makes one forget the values of human bonding. Also too much of  analyzing Life and emotions deprive the charm of Living. Life is to be lived,not […]