A Muslim’s Opinion about Religion-Refreshing.

Very mature approach to Religion. This is reinforced by the adverse comments this post has received. World needs such balanced approach to religion,which ,after all is to enhance one’s spirituality and Humaneness. Follow the link and read the comments on this story. Story: I’m a Muslim, from a Muslim family. This is what I bothers […]

German University Starts Seminars for Imams.

Problem is, for Muslims religion comes first. Hope those who conduct these seminars do not undergo Stockholm Syndrome. Make sure you do not become converted. Story: They intervene in cultural conflicts, marital disputes and dealings with the German authorities: Muslim spiritual leaders deal with the everyday and the soul. Osnabrück University has become the first […]

France decrees a total ban on the burka

First Swiss have banned the construction of minarets,then Belgium banned burka,now France follows Belgium, with other countries to follow. While it is not correct to ban a religious symbol( which is debatable), Muslims have brought this about,thus giving more ammunition to Fundamentalists to escalate terrorism with the cry of ‘Islam in Danger’-establishment shall come down […]