Sex Music Tantra Siddhas a Study.

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Urdhvaredham Viroopaaksham Viswaroopayay Namaha'-Narayna Suktham. At some point of time when Yoga is being practiced,when a practitioner is advancing,he shall have sexually stimulating visions,especially during Sakthi Upasna and he can advance only if he overcomes the stimulation and direct the flow upwards.


‘Stuck With Tune’ Earworm Why

To me the reasons for any tune or song being attached to you, even to the extent of being heard in your mind are, 1.Quality of the Tune. 2.Lyrical richness. 3.In the case of a Movie, either any of these or all blended together with nice Visuals and acting. 4.A catchy tune, normally a simple tune, with few instruments. 5.Repetition of the song / tune to your ears , normally by TV, Radio Commercials. 6.There is yet another case where the lines' or tunes keep being heard in your mind. Add to this the Images which are formed in your mind when you listen or watch the songs in Films. The slokas or mantras of Hinduism

‘Direct Experience ‘ Yoga Sutra Explains

The senses alone will not provide us with experience, One may have eyes, but can not see,Blind. So the 'act of seeing' is a separate function. Same with the other senses. Therefore, Indian Philosophy ascribes these actual acts, as additional Instruments for Direct experience. These are called Karmendriyas (That perform' the action of'seeing' etc) 1.pāyu - the excretory organ. Is the organ of excretion. Associated with the mooladhara chakra and the earth element. 2.upastha - the sexual organs This is the generative organ. 3.pāda - the locomotion organ Legs are the locomotory organs. 4.pāni - the organ of apprehension Hands are the most complex organ of action as they can express,feel and touch. 5.vāk - the speech organ With these we experience.

Drumbeat On Tummy Video

How does one play Drums on Tummy And so exquisitely?   Watch the Video.    

The Drummers Swiss,Edinburgh Videos

Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009       Swiss Drummers at the 2003 Edinburgh Tattoo