Kerala Kingdoms Date Back to Ramayana Mushika Ays

Rama's ancestor Satyavrata Manu,also called as Vaiwasvatha Manu was from the south of Vindhya mountains and the region where he reigned was located near and included Madagascar. And this was a part of Lemuria/MU. So the date of these Chera kingdoms,of which the present State of Kerala was a part,may safely pushed back to 5000 BC.


World During Ramayana Part 2 Uyghur Ramayana Central Asia.

This article is in continuation of my article 'what was happening in the world during Ramayana, Part 1 India'. As I wrote in that article, the landmass was different from what it is today. See the map below. There were four ancient civilizations in those ancient times,out of them evolved the others. One of these,were … Continue reading World During Ramayana Part 2 Uyghur Ramayana Central Asia.

Antarctica Land of Daksha Dhanavas?

Sage Agastya is found in Newzealand apart from in Lanka,Indonesia,Vietnam,Cambodia among other countries. Fiji has links with Manu and Manu's sculpture is in Fijian Parliament. Cambodia has a big Hindu Temple,The Angkorvat. Its design is based on Sri Chakra on its top. Thailand Kings have named themselves after Lord Rama. A Brahmin of Kaundinya Gotra from Kanchipuram,Tamil Nadu founded the Cambodia,Vietnam and Thailand. Daksha ,Father of Uma ,to iescape the wrath of Shiva hid in Antarctica. The Tsunami devored cities ancient Tamils speak of Poets'Conclaves held in the now submerged landmass of Lemuria/MU.

Subterranean Library Chamber Ekambareswara Kanchipuram Key To Lemuria MU Atlantis?

This temple has ten subterranean chambers. While nine chambers are dedicated to the Rishis,with details about them,the tenth one has writings on them referring to MU. It may be noted that MU is a prefix in Tamil which denotes antiquity. The City of Madurai was called Mudur and it referred to old Madurai,Then Madurai which was located somewhere near Madagascar, then a part of Lemuria. Also the capital of Chera Kings,Vanchi was called Vanchi Mudur which was located in Lemuria and it is not the present Karur ,Tamil Nadu. Now to Churchward on Mu,Tamils and Kanchipuram Ekambareswara Temple.

Then Madurai Tamil Sangam Era In Micronesia, North of Australia

When Lemuria submerged during first Tamil Sangam, Then Madurai also got submerged. Madurai is called as Naan Maada Koodal, city of Skyscrapers. The traditional explanation of Naan Maada Koodal is what I have stated above. The term Koodal is Tamil also means union , as in Husband and wife and also where Oceans meet. In my opinion Koodal means where Oceans meet and this becomes clearer when one sees the landmass of Lemuria.