Poison Laced Mice Airdropped

Normally Snakes devour mice.   There is also the ancient wisdom that if you find lots of mice and  frogs, Snakes are nearby. Reversing this, poison laced Mice were air dropped to kill brown snakes in Guam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZfBqdaafjA Source: They floated down from the sky Sunday — 2,000 mice, wafting on tiny cardboard parachutes over … Continue reading Poison Laced Mice Airdropped


Mouse/Rodents in Mars NASA Quiet Image, Video

Rover is reported to have found Rat/Rat hole and NASA seems to be keeping quiet as it would of UFOs. The following image is from NASA. Rat Hole in Mars?   There is speculation that this could be Mouse and that NASA is keeping mum.   Story: This microscopic imager mosaic taken by NASA's Mars … Continue reading Mouse/Rodents in Mars NASA Quiet Image, Video

The World’s Bravest Mouse.-Images.


கணினி சிஸ்ட கவசம்

Satire and poking fun on Computer-in Tamil.