Why Babies Cry Reasons Medicines

If a Baby (less than a year),cries incessantly, one is rattled.

We do not what the reasons are and what to administer.

There are may reasons why a Baby cries for apparently no reason.

They could be because of any of the following factors.

It is Hungry.

Mother can usually differentiate the cry for food.

Feed the Child.

2.I need to be held.

Cuddle the Baby

3.Feel like crying.

Babies sometimes cry because they want to cry.

Biologically this prevents Acidosis, when the Acid content in the metabolism becomes high.

God As Mother

As I have been mentioning in my posts, Hinduism relates to God in a very personal way, though The Vedas declare that The Reality .is Formless, Attribute-less’

Yet Worship of Personal God(Iswara) is encouraged as it disciplines the mind to shed off its encumbrances.

And Hindus relate to God in very intimately.

God is seen as Mother, Father,Lover,Child, Preceptor and Friend.

As there are many individuals , all of them being unique, so are their dispositions.

You feel close to your father, Mother, Lover or friend.

You relate to God at that level.


Who can replace Mother?