Indra’s Amravathi Baikal Ilavarsha In Russia

Most of Russia come Airavatha Varsha and Airavatha is the name of Indra’s Elephant.

The Deva territory is close to the North pole where there was sunlight continuously for 6 months and darkness continuously for 6 months. The elephant, Airavatha in all probability was the Woolly mammoth ,which became extinct about 10,000 years ago. ..

Part of Uttarakuru Region.

Listen To Mysterious Broadcast Russian Or..?

Strange transmissions have been heard on the Frequency  4625 kHz.   Listen to it here.   Currently there is only a monotonous Buzz.   Keep trying you may find something.   “Also known as The Buzzer, this shortwave radio station has existed since the late 1970s, usually broadcasting nothing more than a repeating buzz tone. […]

Sthree Varsha Women Kingdom Rishi Varsha Russia Hindu Texts

Russia was known as Rishi Varsha an it surrounded the Bharata Varsha as described in the Puranas. There have been migrations from India, from the Sarasvati Valley Civilization,from the Dravida Kingdoms, and from the North again. There is enough evidence in the present Russia right from the names of Rivers,Olga,Moksha from which Moscow is derived,Karaggana, Utkaraganga, […]

Casino In University!

This is the first of its kind with all the glitz of a Casino.

Russian Authorities closed down a Casino in Moscow University.

Had it been the old USSR, the news would not have come out.

I was curious about China on this.

I could not find it, but a still more curious story emerged, it is towards the end of this post.

That’s Education!