Mysterious Unknown Animals Photo Essay

A mysterious primate resembling a monkey was spotted in a Park UK.

But it is doubtful if it is a Monkey.

There are lots of instances where hitherto unknown animals have been found.

I do not know what Darwinian would say to this.

I have been already labelled as antiDarwin and an ignoramus in comments in Times of India , when people could not reply my queries.

Let me add further by posting a Photo Essay on the animals hitherto unknown.

Monkeys ‘display self-doubt’ like humans.

All animals are the same. Let us nor forget that we are also animals. In our arrogance, we think only we are capable of thinking, self-esteem,emotions,feelings,Family attachment and other traits. In fact who knows the animals may be wondering the same about us? In the film ‘Moth-man Prophecy'( some more phrase follows), there is a sequence. […]