Best UFO sightings June 2012 ,Why NASA Can not predict?


If the UFO is unreal , how is it that they appear regularly?


If these sightings as explained by NASA are correct, then they should be in a position to predict these occurrences,which is not the case.


They always explain after a news item or a Video appears.


Is not NASA dealing in Science,the USP of Science being predictability?



UK Releases UFO Files-Documents,Video

A raft of documents released by the Ministry of Defence today contains nearly 7,000 pages of information on successive governments’ UFO policies, Parliamentary questions, public correspondence and sightings of UFOs.

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UFO Visits, “military reconnaissance”, “scientific” research or “tourism”.

Don’t you think that the first sentence bespeaks of Presumptive arrogance?

Photograph of "an unusual atmospheric occ...
Photograph of “an unusual atmospheric occurrence observed over Sri Lanka,” forwarded to the UK Ministry of Defence by RAF Fylingdales, 2004. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Government officials believe aliens may visit Earth and suggest harnessing UFO technology for UK defences, files say.

Documents from the Ministry of Defence classified archives show staff believed aliens could visit for “military reconnaissance”, “scientific” research or “tourism”.

In a 1995 briefing now published by the National Archives, a desk officer said the purpose of reported alien craft sightings “needs to be established as a matter of priority”, adding there did not appear to be “hostile intent”.

The unnamed official said it was “essential that we start with open minds”, explaining “what is scientific ‘fact’ today may not be true tomorrow”.

Clarifying he did not “talk to little green men every night”, he said: “We have a remit that we have never satisfied. That is, we do not now (sic) if UFOs exist.

“If they do exist, we do not know what they are, their purpose or if they pose a threat to the UK.

“If the sightings are of devices not of the earth then their purpose needs to be established as a matter of priority. There has been no apparent hostile intent and other possibilities are: 1) Military reconnaissance; 2) Scientific; 3) Tourism.”

He added that “if reports are taken at face value” they showed extraterrestrial vehicles had “a very wide range of speeds and are stealthy”.

Thus, he suggested, “we could use this technology, if it exists”.

His briefing document lists possible reasons for UFO sightings, including mass hallucinations, US aircraft, “atmospheric events” and hoaxes, but indicated none provide a fully convincing explanation.

It adds there are “some indications that the reported incidents are only the tip of an iceberg and many people do not wish to risk embarrassment and so do not report sightings”.

He also noted that the number of reports of “strange objects in the skies” increased dramatically after the Second World War, with most sightings coming from “farmers, policemen, doctors and lovers”.

“Most people think that UFOs are a recent phenomena (sic) but they are not,” he said. “There are reasonably reliable reports of strange objects in the skies dating back hundreds of years.”

In 1979, an official briefing written by the MoD in preparation for a House of Lords debate on UFOs questioned why aliens would want to visit the Earth.

An unnamed intelligence officer said it would be prudent to consider the number of stars in the universe, the number which might have inhabitable planets and a list of interesting places in the universe that an intelligent community might wish to visit”.

Tony Blair, UFO,Aliens and MOD

I have indicated and documented from various sources about UFO,Alien Life Forms and cover up by NASA.

Recently a CIA Officer(retired)had gone on record confirming  the Roswell incident.

Please refer my blogs under Videos/Astrophysics for more information on this subject.

Now information has come that Tony Blair demanded MOD briefing on Alien Life forms on.

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  • New government files released today detail 30 years of UFO sightings

    Clouds and an Unidentified Flying Object
    Clouds and an Unidentified Flying Object (Photo credit: scismgenie)
  • A policeman saw a yellow object at the FA Cup quarter final in 1999
  • A West Wales hotelier saw a UFO land and silver suited ‘humanoids’ get out
  • The London Olympics is prime time for UFOs to appear says UFO expert

Former prime minister Tony Blair received a briefing about UFOs from the Ministry of Defence because of his concerns over the disclosure of classified information on alien life-forms.

Downing Street requested the advice for the PM in 1998 as the Freedom of Information Act was being introduced, which allowed the public to obtain information on alien mysteries.

Mr Blair’s concerns were raised after he received a letter from a member of the public referring to a ‘cover-up’ and asking him to make UFO reports and other information available.

According to The Daily Telegraph, Mr Blair sought advice from the MOD for their policy on the issue.

He was told by staff at the ministry that it has ‘only a limited interest in UFO matters’ but that they ‘ remained open-minded’ about ‘extraterrestrial life forms’.

Details of the briefing emerged yesterday ahead of today’s release of files by the Government of more than 6,700 pages detailing seemingly close encounters with UFOs over the last 30 years.

Among a series of UFO sightings in the files is a  policeman’s report of a mystery cluster of lights darting across the sky during an FA Cup replay between Chelsea and Manchester United.

The mounted officer’s claims to have seen the bright object hovering over Stamford Bridge in March 1999 for almost 15 seconds, slowly changing shape, were corroborated by a colleague.

The ‘credible witness report’ is one of a series investigated by the Ministry of Defence, whose top-secret files are being released in sections by the National Archives following the closure of the ministry’s UFO desk in 2009.

One confidential 1995 report by the defence official responsible for manning the desk says the presence of extra-terrestrial lifeforms is ‘possible’, although there is ‘no direct evidence’.

It also speculates on the reasons why aliens may be visiting Earth, including for military reconnaissance, scientific research, or just to enjoy the scenery and partake in some tourism.

A Smithsonian-associated museum is displaying an item it says is an ‘authentic alien artifact’ from a 1986 alleged UFO crash in Russia.

The National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas unveiled an exhibit titled Area 51: Myth or Reality, which presents historical records of the U.S. military site that has long been called the most secret place on Earth.

Among the items is a series of small bits of debris from an incident known as the Russian Roswell.

A clear glass case displays glassy spheres that are debris from a red sphere that streaked over the Russian mining town of bits of metal in vials that streaked over the town of  Dalnegorsk and crashed into Mount Izvestkovayaon January 29 1986.

The exhibits description of the debris reads: ‘Three Soviet academic centers and 11 research institutes analyzed the objects from this UFO crash. The distance between atoms is different from ordinary iron. Radar cannot be reflected from the material.’

‘Elements in the material may disappear and new ones appear after heating. One piece disappeared completely in front of four witnesses. The core of the material is composed of a substance with anti-gravitational properties.’

The debris was given to Las Vegas TV reporter George Knapp, who was the first American to visit the Russian crash site in 1990.

Located 80 miles north of Las Vegas, Area 51 was used by the military to test spy planes like the U2 and A-12 during the 1950s and 60s.


Now the exhibit examines the long-held belief that the military tested captured alien aircraft at the site as well as the remains of extraterrestrials that reportedly crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

‘The CIA declassified most of the records on Area 51 up through the late ’60s and early ’70s,’ Allan Palmer, the museum’s CEO and executive director, told The Huffington Post.

‘Now we know a lot more about it and can present some of the really true stories that happened out there,’ he added. ‘And we feel a bit of an obligation to tell the larger story about the public’s perception of Area 51, which runs right into aliens, UFOs and extraterrestrial time travel, and those kind of things.’

Army Procurement procedures,Middlemen and Bribe Can not be avoided

It is not a simple job of going to a manufaturer and and ordering the goods one needs .

The Defence department has well defined procedures in place.

‘It has been the constant endeavour of the Ministry of Defence, Government of India to introduce increased levels of transparency and accountability in the Defence Acquisition process. In this effort, the first step was the Defence Procurement Procedure – 2005, which has now been reviewed and revised along with the Fast Track Procedure – 2001 and the Procedure for Indigenous Warship Building. In addition, most importantly, a procedure for the development of systems based on indigenous research and design, categorized as ‘MAKE’, has now been formulated. This bridges a critical gap that existed hitherto, and would provide the requisite framework for increased participation of Indian industry in the defence sector.

Some of the important features of Defence Procurement Procedure – 2006 include:

  • all major decisions pertaining to the procurement process to be taken simultaneously for reducing the timeframe for acquisitions;
  • enhanced transparency by placing the generic requirements of the Services on Ministry of Defence website and generating vendor registration through Internet;
  • increased transparency in the conduct of field trials;
  • ‘Integrity Pact’ made compulsory for all contracts above Rs. 100 crores;
  • an ‘Offset‘ obligation for all contracts above Rs. 300 crores.

The Defence Procurement Procedure – 2006 provides comprehensive policy guidelines for all Capital acquisitions for the Armed Forces. The Defence Procurement Procedure 2006 is available at the Ministry of Defence Website

Directorate of Quality Assurance (Armaments) – DQA (A)

This discipline is responsible for the quality assurance and the related activities with respect to difference types of Armaments and connected areas.

  • Weapons
  • Small Arms
  • Ammunition and Military Explosives
  • Metallurgy
  • Instruments and Optical and Opto-Electronics

Directorate of Quality Assurance (Vehicles) – DQA (V)

It is responsible for the quality assurance of all kinds of vehicles needed by the Army. The vehicles include the common usage vehicles, Armoured and fighting vehicles, other heavy and specialist as also various kinds of trailers and transportation.

As a first step, the organisation is to be registered with The Sales Tax,SSI/NSIC as the case may be, submit Income Tax returns Proof and bank Details to be able to enroll as a vendor.

Apart from this, you have a host of other paper work associated depending on the nature of the product.

Then comes Technical bid.

For a tender one has to know what exactly the customer wants and what are the leeway  available as all products may not meet with specific requirements.

You need inside information for all this as also for other necessary paperwork.(especially for Payment, you need inside contacts)

This is very difficult for even an experienced man who knows commercial operations.

No doubt the Foreign Companies will know nothing of these and they will be totally at a loss.

So, they appoint a an Agent in India and a Liaison man to take care of all these.

The Agent/liaison man is paid a service charge of 1.5% – 2% on the total value(expenses are separate and they are on actuals)

To promote a Product these people get inside information and this facilitates less hassle and quick paper movement.

In the process,palms are greased and the decision maker is also taken into account and the amount is negotiated and finalised.

We may not approve of this , but this is a fact.

Even for a product which is a Monopoly this procedure is adopted.

Case in point is BEML promoting Tatra.

One would imagine that since BEML is a Nodal Agency for the Ministry of Defence and the Tatra is built as per the specification of the Defence requirements and none else can supply this, BEML has easy sailing in getting the order and most importantly payments.

Nothing can be farther from Truth.

In fact they have to be extra careful and resourceful as they would find it difficult to pay the bribe as it would be difficult to accommodate  in A Governmental Organisation.

But they will do this as they have to dispose of production and they have targets to meet.

So the procedure as explained above may not be Right but this is what happens.

On Tatra this must have happened.

So long as the Product is good quality wise, it is ok.

This whole exercise is distasteful but these are facts of Life and none can change it as things stand now.



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