Plasma Tubes In The Sky Science Validates Hinduism

Hindu Purans, Ramayana and Mahabharata speak of traveling in the sky by Beings through tube likee structure.

Now Astronomers have found that there ae tube like structures above us in the Iona sphere and in between the Galaxies/Stars.


TORONTO, ON [1 June 2015] – By observing galaxies billions of light-years away, a team of astronomers has detected tube-like structures mere hundreds of kilometres above the Earth’s surface.

108 Vishnu Places Of Pilgrimage Divya Desams

Though the Vedas insist that the reality is a Principle, it allows worship of personal God,Ishwara.

For Realization, the contribution of the Gd is necessary.

Even for the Karma to take effect God is necessary,Adi Shankaracharya avers.

This personal God differs from individuals to individuals, depending on their dispositions and their tendency towards a particular trait or emotion.

So you can worship God as Male, Female or an impersonal image, Linga.

It could be worshiped as one would a Child, Father, Mother,Friend, Love or even as a Foe!

Later came the Agamas, where collective worship was stressed(which is not in the Vedas).

The Agamas laid down Rules for Construction of Temples, sanctifying them with Mantras and the daily Rituals to be followed.

Some great Temples were built and they are in existence even today with Pooja being offered as laid sown by the Agamas.

Gravity, Film Review,For The Discerning,

Yet,Gravity does just that ‘conceptualizing beyond the Human Mind and execution beyond technology, that is Human Creativity plus technology.

One is overwhelmed while rating the film, rate it the best for Photography,Special Effects. Editing, Music,Script,Dialogues Acting,Direction,or the Best film of all times in this Genre.

A crew aboard a Mission craft are left stranded in Space because of malfunction and the escape routes are blocked by falling man-made Satellite debris, which cuts off all communications,

How the issue is resolved forms the story.

As I have indicated in my earlier post before viewing the film, one does know how to react when lost in Space when you get disoriented.