Infanticide By Bill Gates,WHO In India Polio Vaccines

Bill Gates of Micro Soft and WHO have been associated with Polio Eradication Programme in India January 12, 2012, marked a significant milestone for India as it was the first anniversary of the last reported wild polio case from India. Experts have questioned this and stated that it a fraud. Their Points. 1.Polio can never be eradicated. […]

Microsoft to Produce Thriller Movies

  Microsoft is planning to produce Hollywood type Films on the lines of ‘Survivor’,C.S.I’   This is to help  the creation of original video content that will be available through Microsoft’s Xbox, as well as other devices that connect to it, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Story: Microsoft is making a big move into producing Hollywood-style […]

‘Hotmail’ is Now ‘’

Microsoft,in an effort to take on Google, has renamed Hotmail as and it is expected to have new features integrated into it. Story: The revamped service will help sort messages as they arrive and allow users to make internet calls on Skype. It said the move would help tackle the problem of “cluttered” inboxes. […]