Kills Punching Wife Posts Photo In Facebook

In a weird case, a man killed his wife and posted it in Facebook!

Man Kills wife ,posts in Facebook..

Man Kills wife ,posts in Facebook..

I hope this makes the Judge‘s easier.

Or wold it help the accused pleading’temporarily insane?’

What wold be lost is the fact that the dead woman has been abusing her husband.


A dead woman’s bloody body lay sprawled out on a kitchen floor in a gruesome photo posted to her husband’s Facebook page, along with a harrowing confession.

“Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys miss you guys takecare Facebook people you will see me in the news.”

Derek Medina, 31, of South Miami appears to have posted the grisly picture of Jennifer Alfonso about 11:30 Thursday morning.

It shows Alfonso bent backwards at the knees with blood splattered over her face and arm.

“my wife was punching me and I am not going to stand anymore with the abuse so I did what I did I hope u understand me,” he wrote.

Medina turned himself in to police Thursday and confessed that he shot his wife following a domestic dispute, local CBS-affiliate WFOR reported.


Man Eats Dog Alive.

In an event that reminds of the Cannibal man of Miami, a man from Texas, who was high on synthetic marijuana reportedly ate his family dog alive.

Scroll down for Video.

Michael Daniel, a Texas man from Waco, was arrested for eating his family’s nearly 40-pound pooch, on Monday. He faces felony animal cruelty charges, according to police.

Daniel allegedly was on his hands and knees and chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog, according to KWTZ.

After his deranged behavior frightened his neighbors, he turned to his black dog that was sitting on the porch and beat and strangled the dog. When he had sufficiently injured the pup, Daniel began to eat him.

Man who ate a Dog Alive,Michael Daniel.Waco Police Department Photo.

Man who ate a Dog Alive,Michael Daniel.

Waco Police Sgt. Patrick Swanton told KWTZ that he began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of his flesh away.

By the time officers arrived at the scene Daniel had blood and fur around his mouth, Swanton explained to KXXV.

He allegedly pleaded with officers for them to use a stun gun on him so he could get off his bad trip.

Officer Swanson explained that the police did not fight or stun Daniel, but instead they took the blood-drenched man to the hospital, according to the Daily News.

The dog did not survive the brutal attack, KAIT reported.





Side efeects

Side Effects of Synthetic Marijuana.

‘Your Facebook Profile after Your Death’ Video

For those who remain Immortal or leave something of themselves to posterity!

Me, I will be leaving behind only my children!


Facebook profile.

‘Nobody knows exactly when the 39-year-old, who went by the online moniker “Dare Dellcan,” took his life. Nobody knows why the normally cheery creative director and design company owner did it. And for the first couple of days, few people besides the police officers who found his body on July 16 knew he was dead.

The day after the discovery, a message appeared on Dowdell’s Facebook wall.

“I am a friend of Anthony’s. I wish I could call you all to inform you personally and this is probably a crappy way to find this out but our dear friend Anthony aka Ant aka Dare Dellcan has passed away. It is confirmed. I live around the corner and I have spoken with authorities this evening … I am only sharing this because if I was Anthony’s friend, I would want to know too. And I know that Anthony had friends all over the place.”

Dowdell had 692 friends on the social network. They were in New Jersey, where he lived, New York City, where he was raised, and spread from Los Angeles to Miami. A few were in Brazil and Italy. As with most people on Facebook, they were former girlfriends and dates-turned-friends, high school and college classmates, co-workers. Many hadn’t seen him in years. Most didn’t know each other.

The message on Facebook, linked to a newspaper article about an unnamed manfound dead in a truck in the store’s parking lot, is how nearly all learned of Dowdell’s death.



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Man, Bloodied, Jumps, Eats Woman’s Face.Virus /Drugs?


In a bizarre incident , a naked man,with blood all over his body jumped form a two storey building attacked a woman pedestrian and started chewing her head off.


He was arrested.


This is the third instance I have reported.


First was the ‘Face Eating Cannibal’ in Miami Highway,then a Woman running naked on the streets running after a man, and this.


In the first two cases initial suspicion was bathing Salts, then Drugs and then no information.


In this case the Bathing Salt/Drug is not ruled out.


As I mentioned earlier in my blogs, could this be a viral attack on the Nervous System?



A naked, bloody man broke into a home, jumped from a two-story window, tackled a passerby and chewed on her head while “screaming like an animal.”

The gory scene unfolded Friday night in Hawley, Pa., 40 miles east of Scranton, where 20-year-old Richard Cimino Jr. allegedly went ballistic on a woman and two officers, Patch reported.

At about 5 a.m., Cimino reportedly drove his car off the road behind some houses in the small town. He stripped off his clothes, then tried and failed to break into a nearby home. He was told to leave, so he fled up the street and broke into another home. This one was vacant. He allegedly jumped from a second-story window.

State Trooper David Aulisio told Patch that Cimino “severely injured his arms and extremities” from the fall, but kept going.

Bleeding heavily, he found two women on the street and tackled one of them. Patch reported that he covered her in his blood. Then he began to “gnaw at [her] head, screaming like an animal,” Aulisio said.

The women escaped and called police, who found Cimino lying on the road, severely injured and displaying “delusional behavior.” Despite the injuries and a jolt from a Taser, Cimino managed to punch an officer in the face before he was arrested.

It’s yet unclear whether Cimino was on drugs during the incident, and Pennsylvania police told The Huffington Post today that he’s still in the hospital and has yet to be processed.


Face Eating Cannibal,Attack was Not Random,No Bath Salts

It was earlier believed that the attack by Rudy Eugene was random and it was due to the use of bathing Salt and that the accused had indulged in the act when not in full control of his Faculties.

Now new evidence including Forensic  suggests that the man did not consume bathing salt.

Worse the attacker met with the victim earlier.

So the attack seems to have been a  premeditated one.

A Religious nut, perhaps?


In the months following Rudy Eugene’s face-mauling attack on Ronald Poppo on Memorial Day weekend, the question remains: Why did he brutally attack a homeless man on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Toxicology reports were unable to prove that an illicit substance was to blame for Eugene lashing into Poppo’s face with his teeth — an assault so unthinkably gruesome it sparked fear of a zombie apocalypse across the country.

And now another strange detail raises new questions about whether the attack was random at all.

In an extensive Miami Herald report, Eugene’s friend Christian says the two had met Poppo before while volunteering with Miami’s homeless community.

“Poppo seemed like a nice and kind man,” Christian told the Herald. “I remember when we gave him food.’’

Poppo, who has been called “extremely charming” by staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital where he continues to recover, was napping in the shade of the Metrorail when Eugene attacked him after crossing the MacArthur Causeway on foot.

The fact that police found torn-out pages from the Bible scattered along Eugene’s path and near the site of the attack has prompted many in the local community to think that religion played a part in his bizarre behavior. Others blame Vodou based on Eugene’s Haitian heritage.

Several Haitian churches refused to host Eugene’s funeral after congregations said that they would be uncomfortable having his body in their place of worship. Read the full details at the Miami Herald.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: The Jackson Memorial Foundation has set up a fund to assist Ronald Poppo in his recovery, which experts in facial reconstruction have said will include lengthy treatment, staged reconstruction, and psychological care. Donations can be made online at