India’s Contribution To Healing Four Systems Of Medicine

There are at least Four systems of Indian origin.



3.Yoga .


Ayur Veda is believed to have been obtained from the Churning of the Ocean.

Lord Dhanvanthri, an Avatar of Vishnu brought this Science to the Universe.

The Science of Ayur Veda is now popular.

However the systematic approach to the processes of the Human body as explained by the Vedas is not known to many.

Heart Beating In Surgery Live

It is very fascinating to see Heart beating Surgery.

I have a close fiend , who is a Doctor, who believes in God more(mind you , he is top-notch specialist in his field and recognized as such in the World used to say,’We Doctors prescribe medicines, do Surgery, And in almost all cases, I have felt that the data for my Diagnosis or the Science behind the treatment is questionable, the patient gets cured.I Trust in God, He takes care of us’

Medical Tourism Marred By Middlemen Doctors.

As the world has shrunk, people now go out of their country for Treatment .

The treatment outside their country of birth my be cheaper.

The reasons are,
However even this low-cost Medical Treatment is because of the greedy Corporate Hospitals and some greedy medical professionals and medical Test Centers.

The Doctors prescribe a host of tests not warranted because they get a standard 15% of the cost of the tests.

Surgery cost depends on your purse and is determined whether you are covered under Medical insurance, have a credit and your financial standing.

Please read my posts filed under health on this subject.

In Medical Tourism the touts come into operation.

All Corporate Multi-Specialty Hospitals have Agents posted abroad like Dubai.