Meanings of Neurological terms- in Simple English

One gets confused and at times frightened by the terminology used by Neuro Specialists.

Neurological disorders are frightening by themselves.

To help people understand the medical lingo  of some common terms used by Neurologists, I am furnishing simple meanings of these terms.

ab-		away from
acou-		hear
act-		do, act
ad-, aff-	to
aden-		gland
aer-            air, gas
alg-		pain
alve-		tough
ambi-           both sides
andr-		man
angi-           blood vessel, duct
ante-		before
anti-		against, counter
arachn-		spider
arch-		beginning, origin
arthr-          joint
articul-        joint
audi-           hearing
aur-            ear
ax-, axon-	axis
bar-		weight
bi-             two, double
blast-		bud
brachi-		arm
brady-		slow
capit-          head
cata-           down
caud-		tail
cell-		cell, room
centr-		center
cephal-		head
cerv-           neck
chord-		string, cord
chro-		color
chron-          time
contra-		against, counter
corpus-		body
crani-		skull
cry-            cold
cut-		skin
dendr-		tree
dent-           tooth
derm-           skin
dors-		back
dys-		bad, improper

ect-		outside
electr-		amber
encephal-       brain
end-		inside
epi-		upon, after
esthe-		feel, perceive
eu-		good, normal
exo-		outside
extra-          outside of, beyond
fibr-           fibrous, fibers
glom-           little ball
gloss-          tongue
graph-		write, scratch
hemi-		half
hyper-		above, beyond, extreme
hypno-		sleep
hypo-		below, under
inflamm-        setting on fire
infra-		beneath
inter-		among, between
intra-		inside
lingu-          tongue
medi-		middle
mega-           large
meningo-	membrane
mes-		middle
meta-		beyond
micro-		small
multi-          many
ophthalm-       eye
para-		beside, beyond
peri-		around
phag-           eat
phon-           sound
phot-           light
poly-		many
proprio-        self, one's own
resti-          rope
retro-		backwards
somat-		body
spondyl -       vertebra
sub-		under, below
supra-		above
syringo-        pipe, tube
tel-		end

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