Bermuda Triangle Earth Thigh Rig Veda

Alien theory may explain it but our so called scientific community , including NASA IS BENT ON suppressing and denying the existence of UFOS and Aliwns despite well documented evidence.

In the case of Methane Gas Theory, the study states that they can not explain the presence of vast quantities on the spot nor can they account for the sudden bursts of the bubbles.

Lived In Mars 17 Years US Marine Corps Audio

An ex Marine,pseudonym Captain Kaye says he has spent the last 17 years living on Mars defending the human colonies from Martians.

The retired officer has recently made claims that he has been part of a secret on going military mission that includes all the major players in field of space exploration, including the United States, Russia, and China.

The operation was claimed to be called the Earth Defense Force.

Alien Saves Man In Accident Alien In Mars. NASA

They show an Alien face taken and verified from different angles,

Entrance of what appears to be a cave on the Moon.

UFO in Aurora Borealis,

Man Being saved by Alien in China!
This video which is being posted here is found to be a Hoax and is a part of shooting done for a Computer game in China.

But the others are yet to be declared as Hoax.