Businesses from Home

    1. Marketing Consultancy   If you have served for several years in a particular industry, and have acquired the know-how that it takes to become an expert in the field, why not consider the role of a marketing consultant? You could start your business by offering your services to known customers, and expand […]

How Companies Predict Your Buying.

Science comes to the aid of  marketing in an awesome way. Read on. “ Pole has a master’s degree in statistics and another in economics, and has been obsessed with the intersection of data and human behavior most of his life. His parents were teachers in North Dakota, and while other kids were going to […]

Your Search Tells you what you are.

Shows how our thinking is controlled. Search terms can be parsed in a similar fashion. Every searcher can be defined by the words they use when searching. Search engines and marketers alike know this and do their best to deliver you relevant results based on who they think you are and your intent at that […]

Shocking Advertisements.

Advertising is a world in which the normal is beautified, cracks are airbrushed over and real-life is portrayed with rose tinted glasses. And all with the intention of getting the consumers to buy into such ideals. A poster from an anti-smoking campaign by Les Droits des Non-fumeurs which has caused outrage for its implied association […]