Twenty Three Tantra Technics

And there is this accusation that Tantra is basically sex oriented and many indulge in it for Orgies.

I have been meaning to write on Tantra as Password protected , paid articles to restrict access.

I shall do so some time in future.

In the mean while I was worried about some youngsters(Male and Female) asking me whether they can perform Yoni/Linga Pooja.

I have decided to out line the outline what Tantra is. Continue reading Twenty Three Tantra Technics

OM In Sumerian Prayer 2600 BC Predates Veda

I have written on the early connections between the Sumerians and The Tamils of India and the probability of the ancestors of Sumerians and MU people being Tamils.

And Lord Rama , His Brother Bharata and King Dasaratha feature in Sumerian Kingslist!

“Those who recite the sound Om, (activates deathless Light in the body) and becomes radiant (amar su-ti-a)”

~ Temple Hymn 31 Continue reading OM In Sumerian Prayer 2600 BC Predates Veda

OM Earth’s Breath 7.83 Hz,Schumann Resonance

That is your stimuli is converted into electro magnetic wave and is sent across and this is received by the Brain and it decodes and assigns the messages to their respective slots in the Brain.

Now any and everything in the Universe vibrates from the Atom to the Galaxies.

So when the is a stimuli there is electro magnetic activity.

Ultimately our brain decodes everything electro magnetically and it is converted into understandable message when they are processed and sent back.

These vibrations as understood in the light of electromagnetism has thrown some interesting results. Continue reading OM Earth’s Breath 7.83 Hz,Schumann Resonance

Rig Veda Sandhya Vandhana Mantras English

I am providing Sandhya vandana Mantra for Rif Vedins below. 1. aachamanam – sit in a squatting position, facing east or north. The hands should be between the knees. Bend all the fingers other than the thumb and the small finger slightly so that the palm makes a hollow. Take a very small quantity of water in the palm and sip, reciting the following three mantras (one sip for each mantra) om achyutaaya namaha om anantaaya namaha om govindaaya namaha keshavaaya namaha (touch right cheek with right thumb) naaraayaNaaya namaha (touch left cheek with right thumb) maadhavaaya namaha (touch right … Continue reading Rig Veda Sandhya Vandhana Mantras English

Brahma Yagnam Mantras Procedure.

Brahma Yagnam is to be performed daily after Madhyanhikam..   Procedure and Mantras.     Achamanam Face East ….. “Shuklam baradaram….” Followed by pranayamam “om Bhoo…” Mamopatha samastha duritha kshya dwara sri Parameshwara preethyartham Brahma Yagnam karishye. Brahma yagnena Yakshye. Chant and clean the hands with water Vidhyudasi paapmanam vidhya me paapmanam amruthath Sathya mupaime Mantras.       Om Bhooo tatsa vithurvarenyam        Om Bhuva Bhargo devasya Dheemahi         Ogum suva Dhiyo yona prachodayath         Om Bhooo Tatsa vithurvarenyam Bhargo devasya dheemahi          Om Bhuva Dhiyo yona prachodayath          Ogum Suva Tatsa vithurvarenyam Bhargo devasya Dheemahi Dhiyo yona         prachothayath Chant  Vedic manthras, Each … Continue reading Brahma Yagnam Mantras Procedure.