110 Schools On Sale 1000 Crores Education India

Then why the scramble to sell off these schools which touted as he best and are the ones that produce 100 % results and state ranks?

It is ironical that he Tamil Nadu top Ranks in Public examinations are secured by Small Government run schools.

The Government indirectly encourages private schools at the primary level by not opening sufficient number of KG sections, thus forcing the children to go to private schools where the standard of education varies(CBSE etc)

Onec children get settled there they go later to only private schools, thus forcing the Government schools languish .

Yet the schools want to sell.

These Institutions are/were stated mainly Politicians and others to convert Black Money into white and once the job is dome they want to get out.

Second they,underestimating the capacity to pay have invested very heavily on these schools.

Once reality dawns they want to sell off.

Wife Children ‘Not Applicable’ Manmohan Singh Document

Dr.Manmohan Singh in an Affidavit filed to The Returning Officer for Rajya Sabha Elections , attested/accepted by a Commisioner of Oaths, Delhi, has declared in the column marked ‘Names of Dependents’

N/A ( Not applicable)

Hope it does not mean Not Available!

This means that,

1.The Commissioner of Oaths had signed this with out Manmohan Singh being present, which is a violation, or

2.Manmohan Singh really means NA or Not Available

2 G Hawala Dealer Linked To Sonia Gandhi, IT Dept.

Latest Development.

The British Revenue Intelligence Authority alerted the Indian Income Tax Authority that an Indian businessman was transferring huge amount of money from Dubai to London ,couple of moths ago.

The Income Tax authorities tapped his telephone.

A raid was on after over two months of call recordings.

In the 520 hours of call recordings, names of four cabinet ministers, a political leader allegedly very close to 10 Janpath and many big corporates linked to 2G scam have surfaced, as per sources.

The 520 hours phone recordings in digital format is stored in DGIT office at Jhandewalan.

According to the source, a former CBI director had rented out his house (C-134, Defence Colony), registered in his mother’s name to Moin Qureshi, a Hawala Dealer for office space. The bribe money, which the former CBI director received from a corporate named in 2G case, is allegedly routed by Qureshi via Dubai-London route.

The IT department has also searched two other offices in Defence Colony D-318 and D-268. D-318 which are being operated as the office of Doon School Old Boys’ Association where Qureshiis the President.

‘No 2 G Spectrum Scam’ Parliamentary Committe

If one were to accept that a Joint Parliamentary Committee‘s’ Report tantamount to Parliamentary Report, then there is no irregularities were involved   in the allocation of 2 G Spectrum allocation, which is said to cost the people of India, Rs.1,86,000 lakh Crore..No Radia Tapes, No CAG, no Kalaignar   TV transactions, No Dayanidhi Maran‘s […]

Telecom Corporate Gave Unsigned Note To PM 2G

Now the main accused ‘ former Union Telecommunication Minister A.Raja, who is contesting this election, has disclosed that .

‘Unsigned note was given to PM by Telecom Corporate regarding Spectrum Auction and how subscriber Criteria can be devised”

The would be Tenderer sets Norms for the Bid!

We do not know what else the ‘the unsigned note contained