Sringeri,Kanchi Periyava- Unseemly Controversy.

The discussion among people who call themselves as Devotees of Kanchi and Sringeri is disgusting.


Kanchi adherents say that Sringeri Acharya travels by Car, ostentatious and does precious little for the Community.


On their part ,Sringeri Mutt followers say that Sri.Adi Sankara did not establish a Mutt at Kanchi at all as there can be one South Mutt and that’s Sringeri.


It is also added that Kanchi gets into unnecessary controversies that do not befit the Offices of an Acharya, much like the Pope.!


Kanchi retorts that Sringeri is the Asthana Peda of The Mysore Maharaja and Kanchi is for the common man!


Sringeri quotes JayendraSaraswati Episode and Kanchi had to squirm .


Are these people real Devotees, who are after the Truth and Realisation?

Kanchi Periyava.

Let’s get the facts .


True that there is no historical evidence that the Kanchi Mutt was established by Adi Shankaracharya direct.


So what?


If some want to get a vicarious pleasure in criticising Kanchi , Be it.


On their part ,Kanchi need not attempt to justify the Petam by trying to twist  History.


Kanchi Periyava is an incarnation of Compassion and a reflection of what a Real Sanyasi should be.


He advised Arthur Osbourne , who had come to  ask him to accept him as his Disciple hie advised him that his Guru is Ramana Maharishi;he will return dissatisfied with him at the first instance and later become Ramana’s  ardent Devotee.(Osbourne records this.I have posted on this)


As to Sringeri the dignity and the beauty of the Pooja of the Swamiji is to be felt to believed.


Abhinava Vidyatirtha, Sringeri./2009/09/036.jpg
Sri Abhinava Vidyatheertha,Sringeri.

Contrary to what people think he was/ is very pragmatic.


His approach to the Duty of Sannyasa is ‘Perform duties as a Sanyasi  by Poojas and Bhashans and leave the Empirical to the worldly.


“He Is There’


Not many people know how humble and  Gracious he  is.


I had an argument(!?) with him (Abhinava Vidyatheertha) on the interpretation of a sentence in The Vedas and was down right rude.


He sent for me latter , explained me(where he told me I was Right!) and taught me Vedas for about eight long years( though I attended intermittently)


When I went to seek a Darshan of Kanchi Periyava for the first time, he picked me from the Crowd(( I do not believe in getting recommendation in having Darshan in Temples or The Acharyas) and said’


” you are learning from the Sringeri Periyava, make sure you follow what he says”


He had no chance of knowing this.


This the mutual respect these great souls had for each other.


Our goal is Realisation and we are not qualified to comment on these Sages.


Let me quote Excerpt for MahaPeriyava site;


Sringeri Periyava said about Mahaperiyava::

Mahaperiyava speaks highly about Sringeri Periyava’s thapas::

Below is what Sringeri Periyava advises to all – I can’t agree anymore.

Last but not the least, Mahaperiyava admits that Kanchi Vs Sringeri is not going to end anywhere sooner…


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