I Perform Sata Rudreeyam Daily Lord Krishna in Mahabharata

Vishnu ViswaroopamVisnu's Cosmic Form.

Oh king, listen to me as I recite to thee that Sata-Rudriya which I repeat; with restrained senses, every morning after rising from bed...O sire, It is Sankara who Created All the creatures in the Universe, mobile and immobile.


Mankind History Dates Much  Earlier Hinduism Validated By Science


Bronze Age cultures differed in their development of the first writing. According to archaeological evidence, cultures in Mesopotamia (cuneiform) and Egypt (hieroglyphs) developed the earliest viable writing systems.' It maybe noted that Vecic period,Mesopotamia,,Anatolia,Caucasus,Egyptian civilizations Have been taken into account. The assigned date on these studies for the Vedas is around 1800 BC! This despite the fact that Lord Rama'sdate has been proved at 5114 BC. And consider these facts. Thiruvannamalai,TamilNadu,India has been dated at around 3.94 billion years. Tirupati is dated around 2100 million years. JWALAPURAM,Cuaddapah ,India is dated 74,000years ago. Kalpa Vigraha of Vishnu. ' Radiocarbon (C14) dating conducted by the University of California Radiation Laboratory on the heavy 9-inch thick timber sides and lid of the chest in which it was discovered arrived at readings that indicated a period around 26,450 BCE.    That would make it over 28,450 years old today, and about 23,300 years older than the legendary Hindu Kurukshetra war.    The idol was also tested by experts who concluded that it was the oldest Hindu idol in existence.' The Human foot Print in Tirupati is Man_made and is dated around 2100 million years. Apart from this records of Mu Civilization,Mayan and Aztec Civilizations have SAnatana Dharma/ Tamil connection and these were the ancestors of these civilizations. Then we have geologiacl proof based on tectonic plates movements that confirm the super continents of Rodina,Pangeaand others. Interesting fact is that these land masses were described in the Hindu texts in detail. Not only this.. The flora and fauna described in Hindu texts confirm the details found in the study of these super continents. Then we have refernces to Lord Rama engaged in war with the Atlantic people. There were four Empires during the period of Rama. They were, Atlantis,

Vasishtas Fourteen Dravidian Tribes Greeks Chinese Huns

There was a Dravida Civilization in the South before or started with Manu in the south of Vindhyas, The tribes of Dravidas were left behind by Manu when he left for Ayodhya, Sage Vasista stayed in the South, Later when Viswamitra banished his sons to the south, Dravida civilization was in existence during the Ramayana period, Dravidians were called as Dasyus because of their way of Life was different from Sanatana Dharam though they followed the Sanatana Dharma. These Dravidian tribes included the ancestors of Greeks, other European tribes, Chinese and Huns.

Bengal 25000 Years Dravida Pre Date Rama

' A thalassocracy and an entrepôt of the historic Silk Road, Ancient Bengal established colonies on Indian Ocean islands and in Southeast( Naval Power) Asia As Raghu is the ancestor of Rama and ancient Tamil site Poompuhar which talks about Mahabharta , Krishna and Vangas and Kalingas, it stands to reason that Bengal, which includes the present Bangladesh is at least 25,000 years old, predate Rama and the people were a part of Dravidas.

Kerala Nairs 18000 Years Old Nairs Gotra

3.The present date assigned to Nairs and Kerala needs revision. Chera King Udiyan Cheralatha,n particpated in the Mahabharata war. Poompuhar,Tamil Nadu which speaks of Chera Kingdom, the author of Cilapadikaram was the king's brother, and Poompuhar is dated 20,000 years ago it is safe to postulate that the Nairs of Kerala, who were in the army of the Cheras date back to some 18000 years ago