Chennai Madras Is Not Tamil

Now to these jokers who pretend to be Tamil Saviours and who declare themselves to know Tamil, They changed the name of Madras as they felt is not Tamil. And named it as Chennai in pure Tamil! And Chennai is not a Tamil word!


Chennai Madras Founded Before Mahabharata?

But the cities , Bangalore and Madras, can not be dated beyond , say about 7 to 800 years. If these cities have artifacts /sitesdating back to 7000 yeras in the case of Bangalore and a million years in the case of Madras, it is reasonable to conclude,with no records of these cities having been destroyed,that history has been lost in respect of these cities. A little digging reveals astounding fact in the case of Madras

OMNI Buses Their Fleecing,Complaint Number

Omni Buses ,Contract Carriages is a name given to a Bus organised by  people to visit places  as a group.   What happens is the fleecing of travelers.   Previously the Omni Bus operators, to circumvent the Law will take the signatures of the travelers in the Bus in a white sheet to show it is a group.   Now even this … Continue reading OMNI Buses Their Fleecing,Complaint Number