Thank You My Son

I am sorry. I have never expressed my appreciation of him, though I am proud of him. As I near my death, I am running 65 years, I would not like to depart without saying how much I thank him and love him.


Why Love Happens Tamil Answers

While marriage as an institution was given its due, Tamils were practical in assigning a place for love and have laid certain rules,, for Love! This is Called Kalaviyal,களவியல், Kalavu,one of its meaning ,is on the Sly. I shall be posting on this later. What does Tamil say on Love happening? Tamil acknowledges that neither marital status nor finanicial one has anything to do with it. It happens to all at any age.

Values Still Alive Photo Essay

One is sick of   Nations invading others on false pretext   Of Terrorism   Of Religious Fanaticism   Of Corruption   Of Betrayals,   Fratricide,Matricide,Infanticide,Patricide,,Homicide,   Of Greed and Corruption,   Of Pedophiles,   Of wheeling and dealing,   Of irresponsible parents,   Of  insensitive children,   One loses faith In Humanity and Human … Continue reading Values Still Alive Photo Essay

The Courtyard Of Moon

  Moon is used in world literature as an allusion,allegory simile to express various emotions. The practice of using the concept Moon as a part of Life goes to the Tamils. There is no Poet who has not sung about Moon right from the Classical  Age of the Sangam till the present day. It is … Continue reading The Courtyard Of Moon

Marriage Is For You

True. But you do not divest your interest in raising your Family. You too are interested in a Relationship for you expect it to bring you happiness You do things because you expect them to bring you happiness or at least that which does not bring you grief. It is human Nature to be happy and seek happiness through gratification. This may be physical ,emotional,mental,spiritual or all these combined. Though sounds cynical it is a fact there is no such Love as an Altruistic one.