Indian Media Promotes LGBT especially Lesbianism

There is a cry that the media in India do not support LGBT, and especially Lesbianism.


I find this to be not correct.

Shannon and Seema Indian Lesbian Wedding.Image.
Indian Lesbian Wedding.Shannon and Seema


Media in India, apart from supporting the LGBT behaviour, actual equates it with Love , glamorize , and promote it.


Regional TV channels and Magazines have started glorifying this, with real life stories and Struggle of these people.


This is cost of being educated and being liberated.


I am under the mistaken impression that Education is to elevate Human beings and separate them from ……..


When, as rejoinder people stat retorting the Human values like natural Behavior( The ask you define Natural Behavior!), loyalty,Marriage as Sacred,


Honesty, commitment, , well they have decided to give a decent burial for Value system(What are values?), that’s it.


‘I am lucky to have found her’


“Since Sex is difficult to legislate,Love is the Casualty”


(I am under the false impression that Sex is a part of Love and not the other way around!)


‘We don’t let other people’s opinions affect us’


My maid has a clue about it”


Sonal and Jaanu( Femina issue dated February 19, 1014, page 52)


Sheer and Chris.


” We are more concerned  about our jobs. We don’t know how Top Management will react” Page 54.


The same coverage for Men who happened to be Gay. page 56)


“It is entirely possible that this very original suggestion may find takers among MPs and religious figures agitated by the Delhi High Court’s judgement to de-criminalise gay sex between consenting adults over the age of 21. That the private conduct of two responsible adults should not be the business of the state — unless it jeopardises national security and public health or constitutes a fraud — has long been recognised as a tenet of personal freedom. Carnal relations involving the same sex may well be against the laws of nature and, therefore, ‘unnatural’. But there is nothing in the act that corresponds to the common sense definition of criminality. If voluntary gay sex is deemed criminal, the law may as well attach the tag of criminality to adultery — a move that could result in considerable discomfiture to some of those who are most indignant about the High Court decision.”

-Swapan Das Gupta.


Indian Lesbian Wedding.


See more at I have been anticipating this wedding for years now! Shannon & Seema are special to me and I am honored that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. I flew into Los Angeles a few hours before the wedding festivities began. I was greeted by a house full of friends, family and a lot of laughter. It was going to be an exciting day. Beautiful Indian culture, stunning brides & style for miles! Couldn’t ask for more. I have photographed Indian weddings before and I have photographed gay and lesbian weddings before, but never have I ever shot an Indian lesbian wedding. WOW. My heart! There was so much love that consumed the SmogShoppe that evening. Friends and family came pouring in with smiles, hugs and tears… these two are clearly loved and in love. I am writing this blog a month after the wedding and I am proud to say that so much progress has been made in our country with the Supreme Court striking down #DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) and Prop 8 in California! Love wins. ALWAYS. Congrats Shannon & Seema. Love you guys!


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Restaurant Designed As Toilets Photo Essay

Los Angeles has designed a Restaurant resembling Toilets.

Seats are as Commodes.

Only US can think like this!

How would the Food served look like?

Here is How.

Customers hoping for a crappy dining experience sit on stools topped with toilet seats and order appetizing menu items like “golden poop rice,” “black poop” (actually a chocolate sundae), “smells-like-poop” (braised pork over rice),” and “bloody number two” (vanilla-strawberry sundae).

Those defecation-themed dishes are then served in miniature toilet bowls, according to Eater L.A., which recommends the Stinky Tofu as the most appropriate food choice.

Restaurant, Los Angeles.
Magic Restroom Cafe The Magic Restroom Cafe in southern California is the first toilet-themed restaurant in the United States. The seats, dishes and menu items all focus on bodily functions. Photos by Elizabeth Daniels
Hotel Los Angeles.
Magic Restroom Cafe Customers may sit on toilet seats while they eat, but they have to go to a real bathroom if they need to answer nature’s calls. Photos by Elizabeth Daniels
US Restaurant.
Magic Restroom Cafe Menu items include “golden poop rice,” “black poop” (actually a chocolate sundae), “smells-like-poop” (braised pork over rice),” and “bloody number two” (vanilla-strawberry sundae). Photos by Elizabeth Daniels
Toilet Restaurant.
Magic Restroom Cafe The dishes are served in bowls resembling American toilets and also the “squat” toilets more common in Asia. Photos by Elizabeth Daniels



Restaurant as Toilet.
Magic Restroom Cafe The actual bathrooms aren’t as eye-catching as the rest of the restaurant, but they apparently do the job. Photos by Elizabeth Daniels



100 Million $ HinduTemple in US But..

Swaminaraayan Temple ,Hollywood has been built at a cost of 100 Million $.


While it is laudable that a Hindu Temple is built at such a cost,wouldn’t be better if some money could be spent on the Ancient Temples in India, which  are in a state of disrepair?

Hindu Temple,Hollywood
Hindu Temple,Hollywood 100 Million Dollars


Days after its inauguration, one of the biggest Hindu temple in US, built at a colossal cost of USD 100 million and designed to last 1,000 years has become a major draw for its grandeur and architecture.

The 68th Swaminarayan temple built near the Hollywood city in Los Angeles has been carved out of traditional stone and marble and cutting edge technology to protect it from earthquakes.

“The Mandir is a beautiful testament to the hard work of your congregation who has spent several years to build this place of worship,” Chino Hill Mayor Peter Rogers said.

“The Mandir and Cultural Center will indeed be a place that Chino Hills can be proud of for so many, many generations,” he added.

Constructed from 35,000 pieces of meticulously hand carved Italian Carrara marble and Indian Pink Sandstone, the temple encompasses five pinnacles, two large domes, four balconies, 122 pillars and 129 archways.

From the external walls and domes to the inside pillars and ceilings, the Mandir is completely etched with intricate carvings in marble and sandstone.

The 6,600 hand-carved motifs depict a mosaic of tales of inspiration, devotion and dedication, along with historical figures from Hinduism, temple officials said.

“Artisans created the carvings in India with great love, skill and patience before the pieces were shipped to Chino Hills,” a BAPS statement said.

The Mandir is situated on a 20-acre site, complete with 91 foot lotus-shaped reflection pond, a Cultural Center, gymnasium and classrooms.

It is designed to “calm the mind and open it,” said Ronak Patel, a volunteer of the BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha.

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‘Your Facebook Profile after Your Death’ Video

For those who remain Immortal or leave something of themselves to posterity!

Me, I will be leaving behind only my children!

Facebook profile.

‘Nobody knows exactly when the 39-year-old, who went by the online moniker “Dare Dellcan,” took his life. Nobody knows why the normally cheery creative director and design company owner did it. And for the first couple of days, few people besides the police officers who found his body on July 16 knew he was dead.

The day after the discovery, a message appeared on Dowdell’s Facebook wall.

“I am a friend of Anthony’s. I wish I could call you all to inform you personally and this is probably a crappy way to find this out but our dear friend Anthony aka Ant aka Dare Dellcan has passed away. It is confirmed. I live around the corner and I have spoken with authorities this evening … I am only sharing this because if I was Anthony’s friend, I would want to know too. And I know that Anthony had friends all over the place.”

Dowdell had 692 friends on the social network. They were in New Jersey, where he lived, New York City, where he was raised, and spread from Los Angeles to Miami. A few were in Brazil and Italy. As with most people on Facebook, they were former girlfriends and dates-turned-friends, high school and college classmates, co-workers. Many hadn’t seen him in years. Most didn’t know each other.

The message on Facebook, linked to a newspaper article about an unnamed manfound dead in a truck in the store’s parking lot, is how nearly all learned of Dowdell’s death.



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Watch Leonid Meteor Shower Online This Weekend.

Rare Heavenly Spectacle.

For Live stream Click:

The Leonid meteor shower is expected to peak late Friday night and continue through the weekend.

Leonid Meteor Shower.

If you can find a clear, dark spot where the starry night sky is visible, you can expect to see as many as 15 to 20 shooting stars per hour.

The Leonid meteor shower takes place each November as the Earth passes through a ring of rocky debris left by the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

The number of shooting stars we get to see down here is determined by what part of the comet’s orbit we pass through on any given year. In 1996, a pass through a really rocky part of the comet’s orbit led to a meteor storm of up to 1,000 per hour.

The 15 to 20 meteors per hour expected this year is considered average for the Leonids.

If you live in a city like Los Angeles, where light pollution makes it difficult to see any stars at all, you’ve got a few options for catching this annual meteor shower.

You could head out to the desert or up into the mountains to get away from the city lights.

However, here in the West, cloudy skies may make the Leonids difficult to view.

Your best bet may be to watch the shower online with thousands of other virtual stargazers. NASA’sMarshall Space Flight Center has set up a live Ustream feed of the view from a telescope turned to the skies over Huntsville, Ala. It will be running through Tuesday.

Watching a celestial event on a computer screen doesn’t have the same magic as lying on your back in the dark of night and watching directly, but it does let you participate in a global stargazing experience without leaving the comfort of your own light-polluted town.,0,3576834.story


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