UFOs On Moon Sighted Google Maps

Google maps have captured objects resembling UFOs on Moon and there is speculation that it could be  a base for Alien ships.

NASA is yet to deny this.


“A strange unnatural giant anomaly has been found on Google Earth/Moon by videographer wowforreeel.


UFO on Moon
UFO On Moon Google maps


UFO triangulate on Moon.
UFOs Triangulate on Moon

Wowforreeel: “After going there on Google Moon and staring at this thing for quite a long time I can say yes, it is really there, not faked and I have no clue what it is. I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters.”

Is it an alien moon base or alien craft or is it possible it could be a facility, as part of a secret space project, built by humans and used for storing and launching ‘UFO’ spacecraft?

Or is it a giant triangular man-made spacecraft? The seven lights on the perfectly formed triangle wedge seem to be intelligently designed.

Is this evidence of the existence of the secret space program (Project Solar Warden) what Gary McKinnon claimed to have found on the US government computers?

Coordinates: 22°42’38.46″N 142°34’44.52″E”


Here it can be recalled that recently a terrified pilot of a passenger jet reported a near miss in which a rugby ball-shaped UFO passed within a few feet of his aircraft while flying near Heathrow Airport, baffling aviation authorities in London. The captain of the A320 Airbus told British aviation authorities who have investigated the incident that he was certain the object was going to crash into his aircraft and ducked as it headed towards him. The investigation has been unable to establish any earthly identity for the mysterious craft, which left the aircrew with no time to take evasive action. The incident occurred while the plane was cruising at 34,000ft, around 32 km west of the airport, over the Berkshire countryside, The Telegraph reported.





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Mumbai Second Most Honest City In The World

Politicians were not in town that day.

Any way nice to hear this.

Second Honest City In the World. Mumbai.
Second Honest City In the World. Mumbai.

The most honest cities in the world:

1.     Helsinki, Finland – 11 out of 12 wallets

2.     Mumbai, India – 9 out of 12

=3.   Budapest, Hungary – 8 out of 12

=3.   New York City, USA – 8 out of 12

=5.   Moscow, Russia – 7 out of 12

=5.   Amsterdam, Netherlands – 7 out of 12

=7.   Berlin, Germany – 6 out of 12

=7.   Ljubljana, Slovenia – 6 out of 12

=9.   London, UK – 5 out of 12

=9.   Warsaw, Poland – 5 out of 12

=11. Bucharest, Romania – 4 out of 12

=11. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 4 out of 12

=11. Zurich, Switzerland – 4 out of 12

14.   Prague, Czech Republic – 3 out of 12

15.   Madrid, Spain – 2 out of 12

16.   Lisbon, Portugal – 1 out of 12

As part of a project carried out by Reader’s Digest, wallets were dropped in 16 cities around the world in an attempt to find out how many would be handed in. Each wallet contained a contact number, a family photo, business cards, coupons and the equivalent of $50 or £31.

Mumbai, India was the second most honest city in the world with nine out of 12 wallets getting handed in, while Lisbon, Portugal was the most dishonest with only one wallet being returned to its owner.

The magazine selected the cities and then asked its reporters to ‘lose’ the wallets in public places, such as shopping centres, car parks and on pavements. A total of 192 wallets were dropped with 12 ‘lost’ in each city.




Breast Milk Lollipops

Came first Breast Milk being sold across the counter in UK.

Breast Milk Lollipop.
Lollyphile has released a new lollipop, the breast milk lollipop, seen here.

Now comes breast Milk flavored Lollipops.

But it is mentioned as from Natural and artificial Resources’


You may have heard last year about the London shop that was selling breast-milk ice cream. Now, right here in the good old USA, one Austin,Texas-based candy company is selling breast-milk-flavored lollipops.

Yes, that’s breast-milk flavored. No actual breast milk involved. Just, you know, the taste of breast milk made from “artificial and natural ingredients,” company owner Jason Darling told ABC News.

Darling said he’d been trying to come up with a “crazy, weird” flavor for his next lollipop (his company, called Lollyphile, has already made maple bacon and sriracha lollipops, among others) and noticed his friends with fussy babies could quiet them down with just a few drops of breast milk.

“I had to know what tasted so good it could knock out a screaming infant,” he said.

So he asked his “good hippie mom friends” if he could try their breast milk. And they agreed.

Lollyphile has released a new lollipop, the… View Full Size
‘Breast Milk Baby‘ Kid’s Doll Rile Parents Watch Vide

There are two reasons the lollipops are breast-milk flavored and not made of actual breast milk. First, milk wouldn’t hold up to the candy-making process, Darling said. Second, it would take “way too much breast milk.”

Darling put the lollipops on his website Monday night and two days later, he said, he’d sold several thousand. “They’re selling really, really well,” he said.


Murder Attempt In Mosque Not Praying Properly

In one of the worst cases of religious Fanaticism  a Somali Muslim attempted to murder people for not Praying properly!

Attack for not praying properly
The mosque is a converted house. Violence broke out shortly before 11pm on Saturday following late night prayers

Looneys are taking Islam to the dumps.


A Somali Muslim allegedly stabbed a policeman and three mosque worshippers after screaming: ‘Allah is going to punish you all.’

The 32-year-old is said to have tried to kill the worshippers during an argument over whether they were praying correctly.

It is thought the man, who was not a regular at the mosque in Birmingham, became upset because the prayers were not being performed in the manner of his denomination.

One witness, who asked not to be named, said: ‘I heard shouting behind me as I was praying. I turned around and saw two men grappling with each other.

‘Suddenly a man pulled out a knife and stabbed the other man in the leg, near the groin.

‘Someone tried to intervene but the man just went for him and thrust a knife into his abdomen. It was absolutely terrifying.’

A man started stabbing one of the guys who was just sitting right next to him.

‘We went to save him. He had multiple injuries, three or four wounds.

‘A few of us went to stop him. One of the guys was strong enough to stop him. I held his hand. One also had an injury on his thigh.’

Another witness said: ‘He shouted “Allah is going to punish you all”. He stabbed two people then one guy restrained him and someone called the police.’

The suspect was being held yesterday in a mental health facility on suspicion of attempted murder.

The attack comes less than a month after soldier Lee Rigby was murdered in Woolwich, south London, allegedly by knifemen boasting they were avenging the death of Muslims by the military.

The male officer, who has not yet been named, was due to receive a bravery award this week for helping to save the life of a young child in a separate incident last year.

Chief Superintendent Alex Murray, of West Midlands Police, praised the policeman, saying: ‘There was some real brave action going on inside that mosque.’

He added: ‘There’s no connection with any other incidents that we can see at the moment – for example, Woolwich or other incidents around the country.

‘There’s no information at this stage to suggest it was a hate crime.’



Terrorists Behead Soldier On Road UK Woman Confronts

A man was beheaded in near London,Woolwich by two Islamic terrorists .

A woman confronted them!

Terrorism is now being taken to street level.



An eyewitness who watched a man brutally killed with a machete-style knife and dumped in a street tonight dramatically revealed how he watched the two attackers behave like ‘crazed animals’.

The man, known only as James, said he and his partner saw two black men attack a young man aged around 20 in a Help for Heroes T-shirt like he was ‘a piece of meat’.

Fighting back tears, he told LBC Radio: ‘They were hacking at this poor guy, literally. They were chopping him, cutting him. These two guys were crazed. They were just animals.

‘They dragged him from the pavement, dumped his body in the middle of the road and left (it) there.’

He said that after the ‘horrendous’ attack, the two men, in their 20s, stood around, waving knives and a gun, even asking people nearby to take pictures of them ‘as if they wanted to be on TV’.

‘They were oblivious to anything, they were more worried about having their photo taken, running up and down the road,’ he said.

‘They had no intention of running off or leaving or anything. In my opinion, they were waiting for the police to arrive to be shot by the police.

‘That’s the only thing I can think. It’s horrendous what they were doing to that guy.’

Man Beheaded in Woolwich,London,UK
Man Beheaded in Woolwich,London

According to reports, mother-of-two Ingrid Loyau-Kennett spoke to the alleged attackers after she jumped off a bus to check the victim’s pulse.

The cub scout leader has told The Telegraph how she held her nerve while engaging the alleged attackers in conversation as one told her: ‘We want to start a war in London tonight’.

She told the man: ‘Right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose, what would you like to do?’..

In footage released by ITV News, a man with bloodied hands carrying a knife and a machete addresses people holding a camera, where he appears to attempt to justify the incident.

Speaking to those recording the scene he says: ‘I apologise that women had to witness this today, but in our land our women have to see the same.

‘You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.’

In footage obtained by The Sun, he can also be heard saying: ‘You think David Cameron is going to get caught in the street when we start busting our guns you think politicians are going to die?

‘No it’s going to be the average guy, like you, and your children. So get rid of them. Tell them to bring our troops back so you can all live in peace.’
In retaliation Two mosques were attacked by EDL.

English Defence League supporters took to the streets of Woolwich and threw missiles at police after the suspected terrorist killing earlier in the day.

Elsewhere, two men were arrested following separate attacks on mosques.

In Woolwich, a group of between 75 and 100 men gathered at The Queen’s Arms pub on Burrage Grove, where they sang nationalistic songs.

Sky News correspondent Alistair Bunkall, said: “A few missiles have been thrown, glass bottles and the like. The police have been trying to surround them and charging them as well with batons.”..

Earlier, two men were arrested following separate attacks on mosques in the hours following the suspected terrorist incident in southeast London.

A 43-year-old man is in custody on suspicion of attempted arson after reportedly walking into a mosque with a knife in Braintree, Essex.

Local MP Brooks Newmark tweeted: “Local mosque in Braintree attacked by man with knives and incendiary device. Man arrested. No one injured.”