‘Fire Ball’ in Thunder Storm Video

Rita Krill, 53, of Naples, Fla., got a little more than she bargained for while shooting a severe thunderstorm in her backyard Oct. 5. “It was about 100 feet from my yard,” Krill said. “I was out there videoing it. My puppy was out there. She usually doesn’t flinch too much at storms. She’s used … Continue reading ‘Fire Ball’ in Thunder Storm Video


Man Hit by lightning for the Sixth Time-Video.

I have heard from villagers that they have been instances of people being hit by lightning for quite a few times and I never believed it. Now records are available. Seems that lightning is attracted to some people like some attract Mosquitoes. I have noticed the latter case many a time. Melvin Roberts of South … Continue reading Man Hit by lightning for the Sixth Time-Video.