Prison Industrial Complex Business India To Join

In Mr.Bean, the Villain from France, would propose, among other things, to create an open prison of the world in the UK , to house all Criminals of the I thought it was really funny befitting a French Man's dig at Englishman. But how misinformed am I? world.


Indian Defense Ministry Forges Court Orders

Most of us imagine that if the Court delivers a verdict or instructs the Government the issue is taken care of. It is another matter that the Government through CBI may with draw, close the case or even the Courts fudging the issue. But how many of us know that the Government, after receiving Court Orders does not follow the action advised by the Court but worse, changes Court's orders? Or that it simply ignores them merrily and goes ahead exactly in the opposite direction? The Ministry o f Defense ,India , through its Secretary changes the Court's Order to suit the Government! And the black listed Firms for Corruption are not blacklisted but are on the active list of approved vendors? Read this fraud perpetrated on the Defence Personnel.

Study Law Qualification Process India

The five-year course is available straight after high school, at an undergraduate level. Students who decide on a career in law after graduation in any field can opt for the three-year LLB course. For five-year course The candidate is eligible to take all these tests if he has completed his Class 12 (High School) with a minimum of 50% marks. The candidate should not be more than 20 years old. For three-year course The candidate is expected to have completed his bachelor’s degree with at least 50% marks.

Warranty For Interior Decoration Carpentry

Many of us, after spending a lot money on purchasing a New House, entrust the carpentry work/Interior Decorations to some carpenters or some people styling as Interior decorators. We do not enter into any Warranty. The Carpenter, Interior decorators tell you that the raw material they have used is the best and the Wood will … Continue reading Warranty For Interior Decoration Carpentry

FIR How To File In Person Online.

It must be filed immediately. Cause for delay may be mentioned, if there is any. 2. If given orally, it MUST be taken down in writing and explained to you by the officer in charge, at a Police Station within the jurisdiction of which the offence has taken place. 3. There should be four copies recorded simultaneously, with carbon sheets in place. 4. Recorded in the first person.It may be filed in English or in your Regional Language. 5. Avoid complicated, technical words, terminologies , unnecessary details and more importantly do not offer your views. 6.No overwriting or coring out. 7. Ensure that the arrival/departure time is mentioned in the FIR and in the Daily Diary Register at the Police Station

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