Magnetic Hill Of Ladakh Cars Travel Up No Driver

Any car parked on top of the hill will roll up the steep road on its own accord, moving at upto 20 kilometers per hour (12.4 mph) speeds. This supernatural-phenomenon is called the “Himalayan wonder”. People from around the world go there to witness nature’s hidden mystery.


Nehru Provoked Sino- Indian War 1962

2.After the conquest by the Sikh Confederacy of Ladakh in 1842 the territory became a disputed one with the Chinese as it was owned by The Chinese and when the British conquered the Sikhs, the territory became territory which was guaranteed by the Kashmir,which was defeated by the Sikhs , who were finally taken over by the British. So British control in a guarantee of Fourth Order,,British to Sikhs, Sikhs to Kashmir, Kashmir to Ladakh! This is the ownership of the territory for which China attacked India. Was China's attack unprovoked? No. Nehru provoked it.

Can’t Stop Talking With Pak. Kapil Sibal, Yes Can

Kapil Sibal, Asked about the Bharatiya Janata Party’s demand that India scale down its diplomatic relations with Pakistan, he said: “We are incensed at this issue. In general, if we are angry with someone and consider them our enemy, we just cannot stop talking to them completely. It is enough if we make them know that we are furious… In the same way, we cannot break off dialogue with Pakistan…” ManMohan Singh. 'Prime Minister Manmohan Singhon Saturday said India does not want to "accentuate" the situation in the wake of the recent Chinese incursion in Ladakh and is working on a plan to resolve it." Yes, We can not stop talking to , Pakistan, China, Sri Lanka on the killings of Fishermen, US on Headley, Dubai ,Saudi Arabia on ilegally detined Indians in prisons, Bangladesh on illegal immigrants, UK,on Peter Bleach of Purulia Arms Drop case, The Danes on Christian Nielsen (aka Kim Peter Davy), Nepal on Naxal incursion into India, Maldives on harassing Indian Companies, Indonesia, Singapore on 2 G cases, But can with , The Swiss Government and Swiss Banks on Black money ,Rajiv Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi's Accounts.

Indian Army Reports UFO Ladakh

Updated August 18, 2013. Another sighting of UFO is reported on 4, August, 2013 in the ladakh region, reports Indian Army. "Indian Army troops have sighted mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in the Ladakh sector along the line of actual controlwith China. On August 4, the UFO was sighted by Army troops in Lagan Khel area in Demchok in Ladakh … Continue reading Indian Army Reports UFO Ladakh