Muslims Adapt Or Leave Julia Gillard Australia PM Hoax

I saw a message attributed to Julia Gillard,PM of Australia asking Muslims to either adapt or Leave.   I crosschecked the information and found that this is a hoax.   Well, Wish some one had the Guts to say it!     " W O W ! She Did It Again!!! Australia says NO -- … Continue reading Muslims Adapt Or Leave Julia Gillard Australia PM Hoax


Australian State On Fire NSW “Live Updates”

Australia is reeling under Fire with over 165 fires reported at the last count and the  Fire fighters are waging a grim battle. The temperatures are expected to soar to 43 degrees. In some areas of the state, winds of more than 70 kilometers an hour were threatening to fan the flames of fires already burning. However, a change … Continue reading Australian State On Fire NSW “Live Updates”

Royal Family Prank Call Nurse Commits Suicide Audio

Subsequent to the hoax call by an Australian Radio Station,a Nurse foolishly fell and paid for it. While The Media seems to have no right to intrude another's privacy, it is also silly to talk as if no body in the whole world has delivered and a Divine Secret has been Revealed!

Media should know where to Draw a Line.

Satire,Spoof, Investigative Journalism- We have seen some outstanding work by the Media . But some seem to be carried away, degenerating into abuse,blackmail,uncouth, vindictive and outright pornography. Freedom is most powerful when used with restraint and commonsense.

Phone Hacking UK-David Cameron Parliament Address -Live.

Prime Minister David Cameron will address the phone-hacking scandal rattling the foundations of the British press, police and political establishments in a special session of Parliament Wednesday, hours after lawmakers slammed Rupert Murdoch's News International and the police. Parliament's Home Affairs committee "deplored" obstruction by News International when lawmakers first tried to probe accusations of … Continue reading Phone Hacking UK-David Cameron Parliament Address -Live.