Why People Cheat,They Love. It Study

Cheating at the rudimentary form we call a part Prank and we enjoy it. We do indulge it in more times than we care to admit. And if we are honest to ourselves, we enjoy them. Every one is Honest unless one is caught or where there is no opportunity to cheat. Whether we like it not , despite social strictures, we continue cheating, either in a harmless way ot deliberately. Only when the cheating hurts the others it is to be condemned, other wise it's fun. A study has affirmed the fact people enjoy cheating.


‘Precognition, Premonition’ Proof-Porn Linked,Experiments, Data

In a series of experiments revealed  by a paper by Professor Daryl J Bem of Cornell University,claims to have produced results suggesting that humans are capable of such feats as precognition and premonition. The Experiments. Prof. Bem of Cornell University, New York State, carried out a series of nine different experiments involving over 1,000 volunteer students, … Continue reading ‘Precognition, Premonition’ Proof-Porn Linked,Experiments, Data