Irish , ‘People(s) / Tribe(s) Of the Goddess Danu’

Giving birth to Celtic culture, the sacred mother Danube river was named for the Celtic mother Goddess Danu. Danu is also the name of an early Hindu mother Goddess of primeval waters. The descendants of the Goddess Danu, in both Celtic and Hindu culture, are called Children of Danu.


Vodafone Three Hundred Million Pounds Office No Staff

To take advantage of tax benefits, Vodafone, had an office in Ireland with a turn over of 324 Millions Pound Sterling per annum. The catch is this office had no staff between the years 2002 and 2007. I used to wonder at the rate the Mobile companies are reducing the service charges in India. Initially the companies were charging Rs.10 per SMS, it came down to 5, then 1 and now most of the service providers provide it Free, depending on the Plan(!) I came to know that the charges per SMS is Paise one (charged by the BSNL) , the gateway provider in India, to these service providers. Now even call rates have come down. Still these mobile companies make a killing. Now this story! Not content with fleecing customers thus, they are fleecing the general Public who are not their customers at all, by enjoying tax benefits not meant for them

Fire Ball UFOs Ireland.

Fireball UFOs Ireland ,A Clever Hoax? Many questions about the legitimacy of these UFOs are being raised by online commenters and a handful of photographic and special effects experts, who speculate on whether these are flares, balloons, lanterns or simply, unexplained. Writing on YouTube, Ireland addressed concerns about the shakiness of his UFO video. "I … Continue reading Fire Ball UFOs Ireland.

Church Enslaved 30.000 Women! Videos

Originally termed Magdalene Asylums the first in Ireland was opened in Dublin in 1765, for Protestant girls • First Catholic home was founded in Cork in 1809 • Envisaged as short-term refuges for 'fallen women' they became long-term institutions and penitents were required to work, mostly in laundries on the premises • They extended to take in unmarried mothers, women with learning difficulties and girls who had been abused • The facilities were self-supporting and the money generated by the laundries paid for them • Between 1922 and 1996 there were 10 such laundries in the Republic of Ireland

Savita Death ‘Catholic Church Should Be Ashamed,Not The Irish’

A Catholic Priest in Ireland has stated that '“In the face of all the international attention the controversy has caused, I am not ashamed to be Irish at this time,” he stressed. Speaking further  he added 'The facts show us we have in fact one of the lowest levels of maternal mortality in the world, … Continue reading Savita Death ‘Catholic Church Should Be Ashamed,Not The Irish’

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