Make Your Old Smartphones Into PC

You can convert your old Smartphone into a PC.


Track Flight Details All Over The World Live PC Mobile

Now one can find the Flight details. sitting in front of a Computer. Watch the power of Google search. This is available in Mobile as well as Applications. " Flightradar24 is a flight tracking service that provides you with real-time info about thousands of aircraft around the world. Our service is currently available online and … Continue reading Track Flight Details All Over The World Live PC Mobile

Smartphone Users Cheated $50,000 Non Existent Application

Smartphones come with a lot of Applications. It has become trendy to buy a Smartphone with Applications galore, whether one uses it or not, it has become a Status(?) symbol Knowing this, a scamster sent in advertising SMS to about 11,000 people and cashed in $50,000 in just two months!

Draw Cash Transact With Face No PIN

No instances of forgetting the PIN and endless wait for getting the new PIN. Nor the fer of losing the card. A new software system is on to transact by using your Face! The problem will be that those who kidnap you need not torture you to part with your PIN.

Now Incest App Video Demo

Living has become complex and so isolated (though the world has shrunk on the Internet) and sex between strangers have become a common and easy that one might even bump into his close relatives.. Iceland faced this problem and recognized this as a Problem. A Mobile Application has been developed to avoid bedding close relatives,unwittingly. ( you can do nothing about those who do so wittingly!) The Story and Video Demo.