Sustained Radiation Spike in Washington.Video.

  Air monitoring stations, Washington State Department of Health, April 4, 2011: …The chart shows radiations measures known as “gross beta,” a term that refers to all radioactive materials that emit beta radiation. Gross beta measurements are used because they give us the fastest indication of any change in radiation levels. They’re measured in “counts … Continue reading Sustained Radiation Spike in Washington.Video.


Radioactivity Found in US.

      Low levels of radioactive iodine linked to the nuclear disaster in Japan were detected in a sample of rainwater in Massachusetts, state health officials announced yesterday. The concentration of radioiodine-131 found in the sample is very low and did not affect the health of the state’s drinking-water supplies, said John Auerbach, commissioner … Continue reading Radioactivity Found in US.

Japan Seawater Radiation 1250 times more.

The level of radioactive iodine detected in seawater near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant was 1,250 times above the maximum level allowable, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said Saturday, suggesting contamination from the reactors is spreading. Meanwhile, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. turned on the lights in the control room of … Continue reading Japan Seawater Radiation 1250 times more.

Water Contamination /Health Issues in Japan.

In 80 km distance from nuclear power plant the increased radiation level was detected in  drinking water. The representatives of nuclear department said the chemical substances and cesium detected in the water are not dangerous for  life. The contamination of water with radiation is very low they reported. The experts say the contamination of the … Continue reading Water Contamination /Health Issues in Japan.