Google Reads All Emails Justifies Rightly

Google has admitted to reading all the Email contents in , what it terms as to 'to provide you personally relevant product features, such as customised search results, tailored advertising, and spam and malware detection. This analysis occurs as the content is sent, received, and when it is stored." Privacy goes through the Window!


Deep Web,The Dark Side Of Internet Details

Deepnet , the other Internet

All of us know Internet. We are able to access them and the information is Indexed by Search Engines. We can access the information by relevant queries. This is a part of World Wide Web, www. There is another side to the world wide web where you can not normally access the information , but is still a part of the world wide web. This is called the Deepnet, the Invisible Web, the Undernet or the hidden Web.

How Redditors Brought Down Internet Company

I still remain a Simpleton and distribute and forget about except for replying comments. In fact I have been using Facebook, a micro-blogging site, but use it to provide Links to my posts, I do not even post it to Page, though my son insists that Facebook community is stronger and drives visitors in. But I consider Facebook as basically non serious and frivolous,there are exceptions. In a curious case Redditors have brought a Meme Company Down by sleuthing. ( I do share in Reddit and promptly forget it, do not even know whether it is voted up or buried. Curiously I receive traffic from Reddit, to ana extent that in 2102 Reddit drove the maximum traffic to my site. Now about the present story.

Map Of Internet

This is How the Internet would look like physically on the World Map.   What better way to convey your company's obsession with location and the Internet than to draw a giant map of what the Internet would look like if it had physical locations? Yext, a quiet giant in the business of local searching, did just … Continue reading Map Of Internet