Why Galactic Cosmic Radiation Not Hit Astronauts?

We know thee is radiation and some thing called Galactic Cosmic radiation. We are also told that it would endanger our health and might induce cancer . We have been ending Astronauts into Space and there seems to be no effects of this radiation. On the one hand Space science claims that thought there may be Radiation […]

Australia Wild Fire Photo Essay

Australia is reeling under wild fire. New South wales had as much as 165 wild Fires simultaneously yesterday. Homes were destroyed and people left their Homes. Photo Essay. Source:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2259468/Australia-wildfires-Moment-terrified-family-forced-refuge.html Related: Australia is reeling under Fire with over 165 fires reported at the last count and the  Fire fighters are waging a grim battle. The temperatures are expected to soar […]

Istanbul By Night From Space Station Fabulous

  “Most of Istanbul’s Asian suburbs (image right) appear in this night view from the International Space Station, but only about half the area of the city on the European side is visible. The margins of the metropolitan area are clearly visible at night, more so than in daylight images in daylight images. The Bosporus strait […]