Russia Hit by Meteor Shower Videos


A meteor shower has rained down on central Russia, reportedly injuring hundreds of people and causing widespread damage. The event is not related to the asteroid set to pass over the Earth late Friday.

Meteor Shower in Russia
Meteor Shower in Russia

The Russian Interior Ministry announced that about 1,000 people were injured early Friday when meteor fragments hit the sparsely populated Urals region of Chelyabinsk. Witnesses in the Ural region reported flashes and sharp explosions in the morning sky.

Most of those injured were treated for minor cuts and bruises from shattered glass broken by the explosions, the local police department told Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency. The impact reportedly blew out windows from a number of buildings, although the extent of the damage remains unclear.

“A meteorite disintegrated above the Urals [mountain range in central Russia], partially burning up in the lower atmosphere,” the local office of the national Emergencies Ministry announced in a statement.

“At 11 a.m. local time [0500 GMT] we received numerous calls of panic, power cuts and contusions,” the Interfax news agency quoted the local government as saying.

A nuclear power plant in the region is thought to have been unaffected.

A six-meter wide (20 foot) hole was later found in a frozen lake outside of the town of Chebarkul in the same region, according to the local governor’s office.

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Brothel in Monastery

I used to remark in a lighter vein that you will find a Church,Nunnery,Seminary,Hospital,School and grave yard very near by or in some cases under the same complex!

Now you find that a brothel has been discovered in a Monastery in Moscow.


Brothel In Monastery Premises.

Two women were arrested on suspicion of prostitution after seven rooms were found in a building close to Sretensky Monastery where sexual services were offered from 1,750 roubles (£35) per hour.

Father Tikhon, the abbot of the monastery, is said to be a religious counsellor to Mr Putin, who is a confirmed Russian Orthodox believer.

There were conflicting reports over the ownership of the brothel, found in one of a chain of mini-hotels called Podushkin.

Life News, a popular muckraking website with close ties to the police and security services, said the building where the brothel was located on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard had been rented out by the monastery.

However, an attendant at the monastery was quoted as saying: “Some time ago we rented premises for our seminary. The bordello was only found then, when we started to check which rooms had become temporarily ours, and which hadn’t. This establishment had been there for a long time; it belongs to someone and has absolutely no connection to us.

Another source at the monastery told Interfax news agency that monks “had heard that next to us was a hotel offering ‘intimate services'” but it was nothing to do with them.

A video of the alleged brothel showed leather harnesses, chains and whips hanging in a basement and Podushkin’s website advertises rooms in the hotel “fitted out for erotic games”.

Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church took a harsh stance earlier this year when three members of the Pussy Riot feminist opposition group staged a “punk prayer” during which they danced a cancan in Moscow’s main cathedral, Christ the Saviour.

The church leader, who is a close ally of Mr Putin, called the protest blasphemous. The three women were later convicted and sentenced to two years in prison, although one has since been released on appeal.

Critics of the church say its moral posturing is eroded by the behaviour of senior clerics. Patriarch Kirill was pilloried in April for wearing a £20,000 Breguet watch and a priest in Moscow came under scrutiny in August aftercrashing a BMW Z4 roadster with Maltese license plates.

The fact that a commercial car-wash operates underneath Christ the Saviour has also been ridiculed.


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