Cold Fever Stomach Illness in Children Safe Sure Remedies


Yashti madhu (Licorice root) and a little raw honey it helps liquefy and expectorate phlegm.

Make a Paste of the root, about half a teaspoon, ix it with Honey and give the child, till the cough subsides.

Or take a Nutmeg, Jathikkai, make a paste, small quantity of paste, by rubbing it out with a little quantity of water.apply this mixture on both the sides of the nose.

Breast Milk Lollipops

Came first Breast being sold across the counter in UK.

Breast Milk Lollipop.
Lollyphile has released a new lollipop, the breast milk lollipop, seen here.
Now comes breast Milk flavored Lollipops.

But it is mentioned as from Natural and artificial Resources’

Man Pokes Baby In The Womb with Penis

There are crazies and crazies. But this one? A man poked ┬ábaby in the womb while having sexual relation with the Mother. I have no words, least is ‘disgusting’. A list of myths associated with pregnancy is nearly as long as the actual gestation of a baby. That is, assuming we change the metric by […]

Why Babies Cry Reasons Medicines

If a Baby (less than a year),cries incessantly, one is rattled.

We do not what the reasons are and what to administer.

There are may reasons why a Baby cries for apparently no reason.

They could be because of any of the following factors.

It is Hungry.

Mother can usually differentiate the cry for food.

Feed the Child.

2.I need to be held.

Cuddle the Baby

3.Feel like crying.

Babies sometimes cry because they want to cry.

Biologically this prevents Acidosis, when the Acid content in the metabolism becomes high.

Mother Kills Infant, Eats Brain

I am a strong Believer in the universal Consciousness, loosely called by Henri Bergson as elan Vital.

it is a simple concept.

There is Universal Consciousness , what separates Consciousness, yours and Mine, is Time and Space.

Indian Philosophy has extensive treatises on this,Chit.

In practical life, we can recall instances, when we come across something, say a word , it keeps on cropping up the whole day;you think of something ardently , the information you seek comes to you from the least expected quarters.

I shall post on this Topic in detail, its philosophical interpretations.

Now to some thing ore mundane.

I just posted about a Dog that lost its face for saving children and how Monkeys grieve for a dead monkey.