Tripura Samhara Shiva Geological Kurnool Mt.Toba Proof?

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The killing of Tripura by Shiva was described as Tripura samhara. The exact process of killing is described in the Sangam Tamil text called Paripadal which is an exact description of the destruction caused by a Volcano.


Bilva Dynasty Saka Era Of Hinduism Indonesia

The Bilva Leaves are used for the worship of Lord Shiva. Bilva leaves , like Tulsi can be used repeated for Pooja after washing them. Indonesia abounds in Bilva and Rudraksha Trees.which, again, is used for Shiva worship. The names of the Indonesian Rulers have Sanskrit base.

Borobudur Buddhist Temple Designed As Sri Chakra Meru

If seen from the air and from the small reproduction of it in the museum and it was made in the form of a Hindu Meru which is a vertical representation of the Sri Yantra. Apparently this was the shape of a Buddhist mandala. The height of the whole edifice before renovation was 42 meters. Now it is only 34.5 meters since the lowest level has been used as a supporting base. Two ancient Ganesha statues are at the entrance but there was a pool in front of the hotel in which you found a statue of Lakshmi which had a striking resemblance to the Chinese goddess of prosperity called Kuan.

Star Map By Aliens Humanoids Reverse Humans

The piece of rock has what is a Map of Stars, with directional arrows pointing out to various directions. The Rock has figures of Humanoids. It also has images , when reversed reveal Human Figures, Man and Woman. The Rock piece has magnetic properties. There are points marked in the Rock that some interpret as the landing points for an Alien ship or UFO.

Vedas In Bali Islands Catur Veda Sira

Efforts to wipe out Hinduism and the Hindu Scriptures have been made. And it has been successful in a limited way, thanks to the oral traditions of the Vedas and the unstinting followers of the Vedas, The Brahmins. I have posted how the Great African Religion was literally wiped out to the extent that even the natives of Africa still believe that they have been tribal and mostly uncivilized. Similar attempts have been made and ae being made about Indonesia and especially Bali Islands You can get the information from the web that Hinduism entered Bali some time around First Century BC, this too is given out in a condescending manner. The position is, Hinduism in its Vedic form has been the Religion of Indonesian islands. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata are still being told there with vaiations. Tamils History state that these areas were conquered by the Tamil Kings of the Sangam Era, about 200o years ago. Vedas were being chanted and a version of the Vedas , called 'Catur Veda Sirah, The Head of Four Vedas'