Tsunami Caused By Indians

There are Conspiracy Theories and Conspiracy Theories. I came across a site which, to say the least, is astounding. You will know why! Visit and enjoy.


Lemuria Historical Proof.

  References in Malaysian, Indonesian History speak of a tie with Tamils as also the Tamil Literature from as  early as The Sangam Period. I have provided some links for one to proceed 'The anomalies of the Mammal fauna of Madagascar can best be explained by supposing that anterior to the existence of Africa in its present shape, a … Continue reading Lemuria Historical Proof.

Where The Atlantic and Indian Ocean Meet Video

Recently I read Frederick Forsyth's Dogs of War where there was a passing reference to L'Agulhas, Cape of Good Hope. I wanted to find out more. Here it is. " From the coast of the Antarctic continent northwards, along the meridian of 20°E to Cape Agulhas (34°50’S – 20°00’E), the southern extremity of the Republic of … Continue reading Where The Atlantic and Indian Ocean Meet Video

KFC ‘Get A Bucket of Chicken’ During Indonesia Earthquake.

How insensitive can one get in the pursuit of money!

Why No Tsunami , Less Damage Now

The Earthquake in 2004 triggered Tsunami of great proportions which caused immense damage to property and people was a lighter one than the one that occurred on 11 April 2012. Though it was feared initially that this will cause Tsunami of great proportions which made the ptwc issue Tsunami alert for as many as 28 countries,the alert was withdrawn. Barring … Continue reading Why No Tsunami , Less Damage Now