Nehru Edwina Honeymoon During Noakhali, Refuses UN Seat

As the propaganda blitz is on the History of India is being scrutinized, apologists for the West and the Nehru family are on the over drive attacking the attempt to restore Indian History, which hitherto been dubbed as mythology deliberately by the west, I am posting some authentic information on the devious attempts of the Wt and on the myth of Nehru family as paragons of virtue and dedicated patriots of India. though my post is essentially share Indian thoughts on Philosophy,Religion,Science and Unique Hindu Temples. While it is important to debunk the false ancient history of Indian foisted upon Indians by the west, I feel it is equally important that one exposes the devious misinformation about India's past by Indians themselves who were Nehruvities.


Elections 2014 India

With an Electoral population of 831 Millions, Eletions for The central Government is being conducted in States and Union Territories for 543 Lok Sabha (Federal Government seats) seats. ( between 7April and 12 May 2014).   (This is an article I wrote for a French Magazine, taking into account the International Audience)   The Cost … Continue reading Elections 2014 India

Kargil War Story, ‘Setting Up Zoo Priority’ Over Surveillance

What the Government of India and the Army tried to hush up is open . Not only the ground intelligence of the impending attack by Pakistan and the intrusion of Pakistani Irregulars into India, the Army was busy organizing a Zoo, vetoing Air Surveillance!

Illuminati Engineered India’s Independence!

There is explosive information that India's Freedom from the British was engineered by The Illuminati, the shadow Group that runs the world affairs. That the Illuminati is real is true, there is no doubt.... And there is admissible evidence that it was responsible for many a world changes. What is astounding is the information that the Illuminati wanted India to attain Freedom from the British. This is to create an India as a Proxy for The Soviets. In this Project Freemasonry was involved. And this information goes on.

Rahul Gandhi Viral Spoof Video Removed

One should watch the expression and the way they endorsed Rahul Gandhi was hilarious. I thought some one will make a spoof of this. Sure, some one has done it and it has gone viral in YouTube . As the original is not available, I am posting one with 2,509,258 Hits.