Indian Army Killed Sikhs Nazi Style, Blue Star Revisited

A Trailer of a Documentary by Day and Night Channel released says, from eyewitness accounts that the an Indian Army Major shot about Thirty people in the Golden Temple Complex, during Operation Blue Star in 1984, to flush out Sikh Extremists led by Bhindrawale.

The documentary , according to is producer, Mr.Sandhu, is in nine parts.

He states that he is trying to piece together as to what exactly happened during operation Blue Star, including the atrocities perpetrated by Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and his band of followers.

There have been allegations that excessive force was used during Operation Blue star and civilians were killed pointblank by the Indian Army.

This controversy never really died down and it surfaces during the death Anniversary of Bhindranwale.

Indira Gandhi, in her last effort to wrest power from the Akali Dal, to which the Congress had lost power for many years, since Pratap Singh Kairon, groomed Bhindranwale,a n intemperate and extremist preacher, by projecting the plight of Punjab at the hands of the Punjab Government at the and later by India itself.

Bhindranwale became a Frankenstein Monster and the fight for secession from India by Punjab got out of control

Bhindranwale and his followers holed up in the Sikh’s Holy Temple, The Golden Temple in Amritsar and started attacking People and Indian Forces.

By an Operation named Operation Blue Star, Bhindrenwale was killed, militants flushed out.

Now to the current Documentary.

One of the key accusers is Ramuwalia, till sometime back in Congress , now in Akali dal, who says that 30 people were killed in Nazi Style execution.

It is interesting to note that Ramuwalia was a Central Minister under the NDA.

He kept quiet for 29 years!.

Indian Intel Agency Reveal Data to ISI On Phone

Intelligence Agencies capacity to maintain secrecy stands exposed as report cam in disclosing that an NSG Officer disclosed the security details to some one on Telephone on the asking of the SOC (scene of crime ) of Hyderabad terrorist blast details.

The man who asked for this is an ISI Agent of Pakistan!

There was another report that the Collector also disclosed details on about the scene of crime on the telephone to another Telephone call.

It is a waste of money to invest in Technology on Intelligence gathering if the people who man it remain stupid or traitors or both.

Many may not believe it that the issue of security in sensitive deference and research establishments in India is a myth.

I had been working on Projects and had to meet with the top officials of the Defense and Airport Security establishments on various occasions.

Once I had been toLRDE and ADE(Electronics and Radar Development Establishment;Aeronautical Developement Establishment, Bangalore).

The security in these establishments are very strict, on paper.

You were supposed to identify yourself at the Security at the gate,, then they check with the person whom you are supposed to meet up with and they issue a with a pass, which is be signed by the person whom you want to see.

This has to be surrendered at the security while on your return.

I had visited both these establishments many a times without any thing and walked away scot-free.

The curious fact is that I knew of none in the organisations!

The same thing happened in IAAI , Chennai Airport and at Naval Air Force Station near Mandapam, Tamil Nadu, th last one being classified as a very sensitive installation dedicated to monitoring of the Coastal areas in the South and a listening post of Intentional Communications!

In the present case a mere telephone call had done the trick!

As a test case you try calling any of these sensitive departments, give yourself a fancy Military Title and you get the information.

An incident was narrated by an ex defence officer in TimesNow channel while breaking the story as mentioned below.

When Lal Bahadur Shastri died in Tashkent, Kumaramangalam , the then Chief of Staff of the Indian Army called indian Army headquarters on an open line and said

‘I am Kumaramangalam’

The Duty officer replied’

‘If you are Kumaramangalam , then I am The Queen of England’ and cut the Phone!

That was security with out sophisticated devices.

The joke is the Government is ordering an enquiry.

Rape By Indian Army Hides Behind AFSPA Amend

While the country seems to heave a sigh of relief on the promulgation of an ordinance amending rape Law in India, people do not seem to be aware of the rape by The Indian Army, especially in the North East.

Hiding behind Army’s impunity ans specially under AFSPA(Armed Forces Special Powers Act), the army never discloses authentic statistics and action take on these rape case, despite vociferous protests from the north East.

Nor does the media cover ir in detail.

For them rape in Delhi is more important that!

AFSPA is all right.

But what prevents the Army in being transparent on Rape issues, as though it will impinge on its and The nation’s Honor?

Such criminals are soldiers are not soldiers.

Airline Lunches Soldiers UK India

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