Indane Gas Delay Distributor Complaints Procedure

One experiences a lot of issues with the Indane Gas Agencies.


General complaints relate to delayed delivery of Gas,Demanding that you buy a product you may not need,not attending the phone.


In the IVRS Gas Booking system, you get information as to till what date your distributor has cleared the Gas booked with him.


Indane LPG logo.jpg
Indane Logo


Not withstanding the IVRS, some distributors do not deliver on priority.


In my case Gs booked a week after I had booked were delivered, not mine.


I resolved the issue by contain the Link provided at the end of this post.


You may also check the details of your distributor, his distribution pattern and most importantly his personal Number/Mobile Number,


My issue was resolved within half an hour by an intimation  through SMS tha Gas Bill has been raised and Gas was delivered the next morning.


This is the Link.


In this link you can find out about your distributor,Indian Oil Offices for your reference.


Or you may visit the following link and lodge your problem.


It provides options like delay, non attending of Phones, Gas Diversion and more.



Get ,Move LPG Cylinders With Only ID Proof

Getting a new LPG connection in India is a tiresome process with many Forms to be filled and the catch is that each of the document is very difficult to obtain.

LPG Gas Cylinder.
Indane Gs.

Those who get transferred ,are on the move all the time, students, and the migrant laborers find it extremely difficult to get a connection or getting a new LPG connection and the uncooperative attitude of LPG Gas Distributors is not a help either.

So much so my post on this has a lot of Readers and they even assume that this is a Company site and pour out their grievances!

Now India has introduced portable LPG Gas Cylinders.

The small Gas cylinders have been available with Private Gas Companies like Jyoti Gas (5 Kg) at Rs.800

You can have a 5 Kg Cylinder at Rs 492 with just ID Proof and for transfer you can choose your distributor, no need for surrender of the old Gas Cylinders.


The 5kg cylinder comes as a boon to migrants, and those who don’t have the required documents to get an LPG connection. All that a person needs to furnish is a valid proof of identity, and pay for the cylinder and regulator. The cylinder refill costs Rs 492 and does not come at a subsidized rate.

The little cylinder, launched on a pilot basis in 11 outlets in Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore, will be available at select Company Owned and Company Operated (COCO) retail outlets of oil companies. It is available at BPC COCO outlets on Bannerghatta Road, in HBR Layout and Whitefield in Bangalore.

“It will benefit students, labourers, BPO and sales executives and migrants in cities where they may not have enough documents to avail of LPG. Their work timings are often irregular and they may not be able to visit the distributor or be home to receive cylinders during normal work hours of distributors,” said Moily.

Local markets selling small cylinders will now have competition. “This also gives consumers a choice to get LPG through government oil companies rather than local black markets,” Moily told TOI.


Those who relocate or are unhappy with their LPG distributor’s service can now breathe easy. With connection portability kicking in, they can end any harassment by just changing the distributor or even the company.

The scheme gives the consumer the option to switch distributors or gas companies, depending on refill delivery service. A consumer can log on to the portal of an oil company and register for portability, and also check the performance of various distributors who are given ratings. On registering with a new distributor, the consumer will get a confirmation email, with details of how to process the connection further.

This scheme is bound to bring in improved service by distributors and companies, and also give the sector a competitive edge.

However, there’s a drawback in the portability formula, as consumers have to choose between agents in a given cluster in the vicinity of residence. If after a change, the service remains bad, the department says it is not in a position to help.



Get Valid e-Aadhaar Card Online For Indane

UIDAI Indian Unique ID Scheme
Aadhaar card

If you have enrolled in Aadhaar, you can now get the e-aadhaar Card online from UIDAI Portal.

It is as valid as the card which you might/ not have received.

Go to the Link provided below.

Enter your details,Enrollment Number, Date and Time.

Wait for the Display.

Now go to the Link and get your eAadhaar Card.

Alternately, you may go to UIDAI Portal and get you eAadhaar strightaway;jsessionid=F6B9BB6272CE3938C3AE7611F6379646.portal-jvm2

‘e-Aadhaar’ will be valid and treated equivalent to the original ‘Aadhaar’ card, it was announced on Tuesday.

The subject came up at a review meeting for issuing Unique Identity (UID) number or Aadhaar held in the city on Tuesday.


Get LPG Subsidy With Your Aadhaar Card Details

Those who want to get the subsidized LPG Gas, that is at a lower rate, please follow this procedure with your Aadhaar Card.



Please take your Aadhaar letter*
Take a clear photo copy of the letter on the left half of an A4 page and enter
details by hand on the other half as shown in SAMPLE page
Attach a copy of the DGCC (Domestic Gas Consumer Card) ‘Blue’ book, or recent
LPG cylinder receipt/bill
Please give it to your LPG distributer at the earliest to avoid last minute rush –
last date 15.02.2013
Send it by post to your Marketing Company to the address given in SAMPLE
page immediately
Immediately visit your bank to attach/seed your bank account** with your
Aadhaar number before 15.02.2013
• *For those who do not have an Aadhaar letter, visit your nearest Aadhaar enrolment camp details of which are
available with District Collectors or at website
• **For those who do not have a bank account, you may please visit the bank and open an Aadhaar- linked bank
account there.

Source ack:

Aadhaar Card
Aadhaar Card

The process for getting UID,Aadhaar is simple and it takes about 30 minutes  to complete the formalities.

This is how you about getting it..
Ensure that your residential proof is at least three months old.

Check LPG Gas Refill,Cylinders Usage,Indane,HP Details

Now the issue of LPG,Cooking Gas is assuming worrisome proportions.

Many of us unaware whether we have used the Six Gas refills and whether the next Gas Booking will be on non subsidized rates.

The oil Companies,Indian Oil,HP, have come to the rescue of the Customers.

Under KYC(Know Your Customer), the sites offer updated information on individual Gas Consumers details.

This includes your Gas consumption details, date wise receipts,number of cylinders consumed,payment details and the distributors address .

One has to log in the portal and enter the details Consumer Number and the Distributor’s Name.

You get the required information online.

In case of difficulty please contact the Distributor or contact the Oil Company on-line.

Indane Cooking Gas Logo.
Indane Cooking Gas Logo.

These are the Links.

‘Indane Gas.



                     2012-2013                     2011-2012
HP Portal;
Financial Year :        2012-2013   2011-2012   2010-2011
Consumer Type :        Domestic
 Check to see Suspect List of Multiple Connections (KYC Needed)
Quick Search

Normal Search

State :   Andhra Pradesh Assam Bihar Chandigarh U/T Chhattisgarh Dadra and Nagar Haveli U/T Daman and Diu U/T Delhi Goa Gujarat Haryana Himachal Pradesh Jammu and Kashmir Jharkhand Karnataka Kerala Madhya Pradesh Maharastra-Excl Mum/Thane/NMu Orissa Pondicherry U/T Punjab Rajasthan Tamil Nadu Uttar Pradesh Uttaranchal West Bengal
District :
Distributor Name:

BPCL Portal.

Type Distributor NameType atleast 3 characters of Distributor Name and then
select name from the list.


All fields marked with ‘*’ are mandatory
State*                      -Select-                   Andaman & Nicobar Is                   Andhra Pradesh                   Arunachal Pradesh                   Assam                   Bihar                   Chandigarh                   Chhattisgarh                   Dadar & Nagar Have                   Daman & Diu                   Delhi                   Goa                   Gujarat                   Haryana                   Himachal Pradesh                   Jammu & Kashmir                   Jharkand                   Karnataka                   Kerala                   Lakshadweep                   Madhya Pradesh                   Maharashtra                   Manipur                   Meghalaya                   Mizoram                   Nagaland                   Orissa                   Pondicherry & Mahe                   Punjab                   Rajasthan                   Sikkim                   Tamil Nadu                   Tripura                   Uttar Pradesh                   Uttrakhand                   West Bengal
District*           -Select-
Bharatgas Distributor*                                       -Select-


1. At the time of enrolment Aadhaar number is validated through biometric and demographic authentication.
2. Customer places a refill request to the distributor through various channels.
3. The refill request is updated automatically or the distributor enters the same in the application.
4. Distributor loads the details of the day’s delivery into a PoS device.
5. The delivery boy carries the PoS device and filled cylinders to customer premises.
6. Aadhaar Authentication request of customer sent to CIDR (UIDAI system).
7. Online verification response from CIDR to PoS device, followed by receipt of empty cylinder, printing of cash memo and collects payment at market price against delivery.
8. The information from handheld device is uploaded into OMCs central system real time.
9. Central server sends a batch file at predefined frequency with Aadhaar Numbers of Customer (beneficiary) and subsidy amount to be paid to Sponsor Bank.
10. Sponsor Bank initiates cash transfer through NPCI Gateway to the bank account of the Customers.

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