Indane Gas Delay Distributor Complaints Procedure

Not withstanding the IVRS, some distributors do not deliver on priority.

In my case Gs booked a week after I had booked were delivered, not mine.

I resolved the issue by contain the Link provided at the end of this post.

You may also check the details of your distributor, his distribution pattern and most importantly his personal Number/Mobile Number,

My issue was resolved within half an hour by an intimation through SMS tha Gas Bill has been raised and Gas was delivered the next morning.

This is the Link.

Get ,Move LPG Cylinders With Only ID Proof

Getting a new LPG connection in India is a tiresome process with many Forms to be filled and the catch is that each of the document is very difficult to obtain.

Those who get transferred ,are on the move all the time, students, and the migrant laborers find it extremely difficult to get a connection or getting a new LPG connection and the uncooperative attitude of LPG Gas Distributors is not a help either.

So much so my post on this has a lot of Readers and they even assume that this is a Company site and pour out their grievances!

Now India has introduced portable LPG Gas Cylinders.

The small Gas cylinders have been available with Private Gas Companies like Jyoti Gas (5 Kg) at Rs.800

You can have a 5 Kg Cylinder at Rs 492 with just ID Proof and for transfer you can choose your distributor, no need for surrender of the old Gas Cylinders.

Get LPG Subsidy With Your Aadhaar Card Details

Those who want to get theĀ subsidizedĀ LPG Gas, that is at a lower rate, please follow this procedure with your Aadhaar Card.     Please take your Aadhaar letter* Take a clear photo copy of the letter on the left half of an A4 page and enter details by hand on the other half as shown […]

Check LPG Gas Refill,Cylinders Usage,Indane,HP Details

Under KYC(Know Your Customer), the sites offer updated information on individual Gas Consumers details.

This includes your Gas consumption details, date wise receipts,number of cylinders consumed,payment details and the distributors address .

One has to log in the portal and enter the details Consumer Number and the Distributor’s Name.

You get the required information online.

In case of difficulty please contact the Distributor or contact the Oil Company on-line.