ICICI to Charge for Mobile Transfer of Funds-Fleecing.

Under the guise of extending facilities, Banks are resorting to fleece the Customers for services they are entitled to. One charge I can never reconcile to is Minimum Balance, Logic tells me if I do no not have a balance I do not earn interest that's all. For transactions I am charged. Then why charge … Continue reading ICICI to Charge for Mobile Transfer of Funds-Fleecing.


Banks with bad Debts(NPA)-Full List.

If one were to take statistics,bad debts would have come from corporate, large companies and individually wealthy people. Small business men and individual borrowers especially the poor  lower,middle and  middle class would have cleared the loan. Occupy Wall Street is to be supported because of this. All the much touted banks are in the list. One does not find a smaller bank, … Continue reading Banks with bad Debts(NPA)-Full List.

2G Scam,Reliance Forgotten? Pattern of Investment.

While the Media attention is focused on Raja and co for the scam, the beneficiaries,especially Reliance Industries seems to go unnoticed(?) by the Media. Seems that media is being selective and the Government and the Opposition have selective amnesia. You can not bite the hand that feeds. Story: DoT issued UASL licenses to Datacom (now renamed as Videocon Telecommunications) … Continue reading 2G Scam,Reliance Forgotten? Pattern of Investment.

ICICI Implicates Reliance in 2G Scam

When you send the Group general manager and Top Executives of of the Company for a crime of Himalayan Corruption,is it not logical that these acts could not have been committed with out the knowledge of the Bosses? Did not the CBI verify the Minutes Book for Financial Authority? Again Reliance has been in the radar for quite some time for irregularities for some time -that they were exonerated later is another matter. If bankers and Auditors are grilled in the right way with out priority treatment, truth will come out.