Rats Flood New York City

After the deluge Rats have swarmed the streets New York,National Geographic  and  Cleveland Leader report. Beyond the damage that Hurricane Sandy caused with high winds and torrential rains is another potentially hazardous situation. As the floodwaters rise in New York, rats scurrying to escape could spread disease as they infest new areas. The storm surge and […]

Hurricane ‘Sandy Explodes Con-Ed. Video

The video embedded above shows an explosion at the Con Ed plant at 14th Street and the FDR. It was first posted on the web by TrillianMedia. Power currently is out in much of lower Manhattan following what authorities say was the brunt of Hurricane Sandy. So far, authorities the storm has claimed five lives, […]

Path Of ‘Hurricane Sandy’ Visual

As Hurricane Sandy moves north through the Atlantic, cities in the U.S. Northeast are bracing for “a potential 1 in 100 year storm.”Government forecasters are predicting a “worst case scenario” storm surge for the New York City metro area. East Coast utility companies are also prepping for a storm that could leave millions without power. A computer model — which […]