Half Illuminated New York,Hurricane Sandy

Half Illuminated New York_jpg.
Half Illuminated New York.


New York During Hurricane Sandy.
New York During Hurricane Sandy._jpg.


New York during Hurricane Sandyg.Jpg.
New York during Hurricane Sandy.


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UFO Filmed by NASA During ‘Hurricane Sandy’ Video

NASA has filmed a UFO during the recent Hurricane Sandy that bashed the US recently.


NASA Filmed UFO Over Hurricane Sandy From Space Station


English: The International Space Station as se...
English: The International Space Station as seen in its ULF3 configuration by the departing Space Shuttle Atlantis, following the departure of STS-129, which delivered ExPRESS Logistics Carriers 1 & 2 to the orbital outpost. The newly-arrived Russian Poisk module is also visible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Rats Flood New York City

After the deluge Rats have swarmed the streets New York,National Geographic  and  Cleveland Leader report.

Beyond the damage that Hurricane Sandy caused with high winds and torrential rains is another potentially hazardous situation. As the floodwaters rise in New York, rats scurrying to escape could spread disease as they infest new areas.

The storm surge and high tides caused a 13-foot wall of water to spill into New York City, causing severe flooding to subways and road tunnels in the city and torrents of water to pour into the streets. The rising water will thus force rats out of the underground homes and into contact with humans.

Rats are survivors and will escape the floods and move towards higher ground, like apartments and other buildings that are inhabited by humans. Rats are both good swimmer and climbers. New infestations of rats could result in a rise in infectious diseases carried by urban rats, including leptospirosis, hantavirus, typhus, salmonella, and even the plague.

Rick Ostfeld from the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies in Millbrook, New York says:

“One of things we know can exacerbate disease is massive dispersal. Rats are highly social individuals and live in a fairly stable social structure. If this storm disturbs that, rats could start infesting areas they never did before.”

Rats do not need to bite a human in order to transmit diseases. Rodent feces and urine themselves can spread conditions such as hantavirus.

Fortunately, Ostfeld says that the large volume of water that Sandy brought should dilute the pathogens, which would reduce the risk to the public.




Rats in New York.

New York City‘s rats have arrived. In the wake ofsuperstorm Sandy, residents of the city are soon likely to see them by the thousands, since the rodents have been driven from flooded subway tunnels.

When weather is drier, the rats seem to love living under the soil, and can dig deeper than water can seep. They could even have been safe in their burrows as the storm swept the city Monday. But many likely were out on the hunt for food.

“They’re in the subway, in spite of the subway,” said exterminator Benett Pearlman of New York-based Positive Pest Management Corp. The underground systems are the first things rats reach when breaking through the soil in search of sustenance. This perpetual hunger likely killed many as floodwaters washed back through their tunnels into their nests, probably killing the sick, the elderly, and new mothers with their young.

The many thousands that made it out alive—most using the same stairways people use, Pearlman said—were trapped aboveground on Tuesday, hunkering down behind trash bins and under cars until nightfall.

Sandy has brought a feast to their feet. New sources of food are washing out of the waterways and along flooded streets, including loads of rotting trash, other rats, pigeons, and fish. The well-fed rats will burrow beneath buildings under cover of night to establish new homes, sliding into holes as small as a half inch (1.3 centimeters)—the width of their skulls—even though their bodies can measure up to 18 inches (46 centimeters) long.




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Hurricane ‘Sandy Explodes Con-Ed. Video

The video embedded above shows an explosion at the Con Ed plant at 14th Street and the FDR. It was first posted on the web by TrillianMedia.

Hurricane Sandy Latest Image.

Power currently is out in much of lower Manhattan following what authorities say was the brunt of Hurricane Sandy.

So far, authorities the storm has claimed five lives, including a 30-year-old Queens man who was crushed by a falling tree.

Check back for updates.


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Path Of ‘Hurricane Sandy’ Visual

As Hurricane Sandy moves north through the Atlantic, cities in the U.S. Northeast are bracing for “a potential 1 in 100 year storm.”Government forecasters are predicting a “worst case scenario” storm surge for the New York City metro area.

East Coast utility companies are also prepping for a storm that could leave millions without power. A computer model — which uses wind and population data along with information from previous hurricanes — developed by a professor at Johns Hopkins University,predicts that eight to 10 million customers will lose power in the coming week.

For those living in coastal areas near where Sandy is expected to make landfall on Monday, find these FEMA tips for hurricane safetyand emergency planning tips for pet owners. Check out the infographic below of Hurricane Sandy’s projected path, as of 4:00PM EST Sunday, through the week.


For Detailed Picture click on The Image.

Path of Hurricane Sandy.


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Hurricane Sandy Time Lapse Video NASA.

NASA has released time-lapse footage of Hurricane Sandy — 1/3 of Frankenstorm, this week’s hottest buzz band — as it hovered over Grand Bahama Island on Friday. The footage confirms a few things that we already know: hurricanes are terrifying, beautiful and will likely leave you without power for days, forcing you to contemplate reading a book.


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