Killing Of Adivasis India The Silent War

While the world is focused on the killing elsewhere, Killing of the Tamils in Sri Lanka,Syria, the plight of the Adivasis go unnoticed. Adivasis, the oldest inhabitants of India number 80 millions, roughly 8% of Indian Population. They are targeted by the Maoist Group and the State government simultaneously The Maoists use them as pawns in their struggle against the State, which does not case about these people. Despite the high-sounding developmental projects on paper, these areas do not even have basic facilities like water, Schools, Hospitals or Food Distribution network. The Government , under the guise of Liberal Economy is interested in grabbing the land and handing them over to MNCs. No party is an exception for the MNCs fill in their coffers


The LLRC Lie by Rajapakshe Sri Lanka Facts

Mahinda Rjapakshe,President of Sri Lanka. Now they have come out with a strategy that od repeating untruths tirelessly and make it Truth. On the second front they have Muttiah Muralitharan talk that there were no killings in Sri Lanka nor were did the people disappear, David Cameron was misled( I have a post on this), with Video Clipping. Rajapakshe brazenly stated in the CHOGM Press conference that there were no Human Rights violations during the civil war and the Human Rights violations might have existed in the past, hunting LTTE' pathological killing spree. He also added that the LLRC is functioning well and its recommendations are being implemented vigorously. The facts. 'Sri Lanka has achieved considerable progress in implementing the recommendations made by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC) and ready to defend its record at the next session in Geneva, Foreign Secretary Karunathilaka Amunugama said." Resettlement Centers or Gulags? “Why can’t the Army go to the jungles instead of taking our lands and sending us to jungles?” “When will we be allowed to re-start cultivation of our lands?” “When can we have access to the sea we were fishing before and will we get back the boats and fishing equipment we left behind in our village when we were displaced?” “Why is there a check point at the entrance to this place?

Robotic Weapons Replace Drones? Human Rights Watch

Now that Drone attacks are drawing flak, there is a move to induct Fully Autonomous Robotic Weapons, which do not need any Human input are on the anvil. The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is a coalition of weapons monitors and human rights groups leading an effort, formally since April, to establish an international ban on fully autonomous lethal weapons. Dubbed (by opponents) “killer robots,” it’s a technology that can kill targets (humans) without any human input. Whereas drones today have someone somewhere remotely determining where and when to fire, a fully autonomous air, land, or sea weapon could be making the decisions on its own... It sounds like the stuff of sci-fi, but the technology is well within reach given existing weaponry. The U.S. Navy’s X-47B, a Northrop Grumman-developed drone, has taken off and landed on an aircraft carrier—one of the hardest maneuvers in aviation—entirely on its own, and it would only be a short step to add missiles to its weapons bay. In South Korea, a Samsung subsidiary designed—several years ago already—a stationary robot sentry that sits along the demilitarized zone and can identify and fire at a target on its own. It’s linked up with a human operator for now. Human Rights Watch has called in for a Review of this development. " All governments should support international talks to address the threat posed by fully autonomous robotic weapons, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch and the Harvard Law School International Human Rights Clinic on October 21, 2013, issued a question-and-answer document about the legal problems posed by these weapons.

‘SriLanka Torture State Policy Courts Condone’

That there is bound to be excesses in any State ,even in a Democracy, US India included. But the Courts normally come down heavily on the Police and prison Authorities in cases where torture is involved. But in Sri Lanka the State seems to assume Fear and Torture as state Policies and worse the Courts side with the establishment. This is from an LTTE activist or Sri Lanka Tamil. From a SrI Lanka Lawyer of 46 years standing. It is worth mentioning that a Supreme Court Justice in Sri Lanka was tossed out by Impeachment (in land acquisition) for blocking an ordinance by the State , a new judge appointed and promptly the decks were cleared for the Bill which was passed .

Tamil Women Children Killed In Sri Lanka Gruesome Images.

Now that the NE Provincial Elections are over, there seems to be a found optimism in Rajapakshe circles that the International Community would go soft on him for Genocide accusations,..Genocide Fact sheet.(rough estimate) More than 135, 000 Tamil men, women and children has been killed or went missing. More than 35, 000 Tamil were killed in 2009 alone. 1.1 Million Tamils flee Sri Lanka Estimated 600, 000 Tamil internal refugees More than 20, 000 orphaned children More than 35, 000 Tamil widows Thousands of Tamil families (including children) are kept behind barb wire fenced internment camps by the Sri Lankan govenment, for several months in aftermath of war. Half a million Tamils kept under military rule in Jaffna peninsula (Northern Sri Lanka) that had been described as an "open prison". Thousands in custody – detention without trial, other widespread abuses Economic embargo imposed on traditional Tamil areas for more than 2 decades Supply of food, medicine, fuel, electricity and other essential items controlled by the Military Forced Starvation Usage of banned weapons - Cluster bombs, White phosporous. Usage of heavy weapons, artillery on densely populated civilian areas. Reported usage of chemical weapons. Mass Graves and systematic violations of fundamental human rights remain uninvestigated No International Media allowed into conflict areas State sponsored pogroms Systematic destruction of Infrastructure Indiscriminate and wanton air attacks on traditional Tamil areas for more than 2 decades.

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