China’s Rules for Comments on the Web Weibo Reacts

Keep your mouth and *** Shut is the Guide line. We should enrol the Services of 'Anonymous' to post comments in China.


Left wing ‘Military Coup in China?

Since Monaday there have been reports of a Military coup in China by Ultra Left. This has been reported fuelled by enhanced security in the Leaders' Compound. "Over the night of March 19 and early morning of March 20, Bejing local time, a message about a large number of military police showing up in Beijing spread widely … Continue reading Left wing ‘Military Coup in China?

Obama to China,’Enough is enough’-Really?

The US would like the world to follow economic policies that would benefit the US and it has been following Protectionism since long; creating conditions for US business where none existed, even by the use of force. Crying foul on Chinese currency is childish. Is not the dollar artificially propped up now? Does US have … Continue reading Obama to China,’Enough is enough’-Really?