Man Murders Child For Not Doing Homework

A man is reported to have murdered his daughter ,, for not answering questions from her Home work.

This, while his wife and mother were watching TV .

The incident was reported to have taken place in Bangalore, on 25 July 2013.

In this case the motive is reported to be vendetta against the man’s fiist wife who committed suicide or murderer d by him couple of years ago.

In another case a child was murdered for not reading the Bible and was doing Home work.

Leave alone the vendetta angle.

This raises two questions.

Home work for children.

Children from Pre KG are given Home work, when the child cn not even understand concepts,.

The child which does not complete the Home work is humiliated in the class room by being made to sit separately or made to stand outside the class room, parents are called in and warned.

What sort of system is this?

As it is parents, in their ambition to make their wards become a Money making machine have robbed children of their child hood.

Teachers too contribute this.

There is more to Life than scoring Rank in the school.

This is inhuman.

Secondly Religious fervor.

By reading Bible one does not become a Spiritual master.


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