Ghost Temple Issues Warrants Mangalore Aircrash Kaanathur

That there is a temple for Ghosts in Kaanathur, near Kasargod, Kerala is a fact.


But that it  holds spirits and gave out information  that it was Pilot’s error that caused Mangalore Air crash, well. I take it with a pinch of salt.


Ghost Temple Kaanathur.png
Ghost Temple Kaanathur


“The temple is called Nalwaru, which litreally means 4 persons. However, the four persons at the temple are ‘gods of ghosts’! The four deities are Ugramurthy, Panjurli, Raktha-Chamundi & Vishnumurthy. This temple is very sacred, and people fear the deities of the temple. The temple is filled with a lot of tantric powers, very typical to any Keralite temple.  The main purpose of this temple is that it servers as a people’s court. Most of the disputes are settled in the temple courtyard, this has been the practice for many decades now. A plaintiff with truth on his side can give a petition to the temple authorities. And defendant will receive a memo (similar to a court’s order) from the temple. If the defendant refuses to obey and decides not to respond to the orders from the temple, and decides not to show-up for hearing at the temple, such persons will be faced with sudden misfortunes, and sudden deaths in their family. Further more, It is also believed that such persons souls will be held by these 4 ghost gods. People in the region and in and around Mangalore, Karnataka are  very scared  of these 4 gods and do not even speak of these gods casually. Hence they normally show up to avoid the wrath of the ghost gods. It is to be noted that one of Mangalore’s air crash victims soul was held by one such Ghost gods, and after a lot of begging and cajoling by the victim’s family members the ghost gods released his soul, but did tell that all the victims soul from that crash is still held by them, they also confessed that it was not them that caused the accident, but a pilot’s error. Mangalore Airport’s runway was built after relocating a Ghost deity temple. This pilot’s error was later confirmed by the investigation team.  The popular belief in this region is when a soul is held by a ghost god/s, the food prepared on their ”teethi” is untouched by the crows or any other animals. ”




Consumers Help Line Akosha A Fraud?

Update 18/05.2015.

I had a call from a lady from Akosha , about one/two months back informing me that the management of Akosha has changed and that the present management is sorting out the issues and whether I could do anything about my post.

I replied that I have no grudge against anyone .that I would be happy to publish their stand if they could send me details and incorporate that into the Post.

An email was also received. the same day.

It was great connecting with you today – thanks for taking out the time to talk. As I mentioned, Akosha has come a long way since your blog post in March, 2014.
Akosha has been, is and will continue to be a platform for customers to get their queries resolved by brands. We are here to simply better the customer experience, and hope to make lives hassle-free and convenient. To give you a closer view of our journey, let me tell you that we have now created our app which is downloadable from the Google Play store. You can use our app to get help and answers to any query you may have. It would be great if you gave it a try!

We hope to see you change your mind about Akosha! Do reach out to me for any further questions about Akosha, I will be more than happy to give you details.

Micah Muhury
Program Manager
Phone: +91 997199668

The following is the clarification , action being taken by them in this regard and I am reproducing the Text, which also appears as a comment  in this Post.

This has been received today.

We really regret that we acted so callously on your complaint. We just messed up. Although we can’t give you your time back, we would still like to do our best to help you out. Unfortunately, we are not able to locate your Akosha ticket based on the details you have given on this post. Thus, we request you to share your Akosha ticket number with us or fill this form out so that we can identify your ticket: Post that, one of our senior team members will give you a call to help you out.
Despite the fact that we try our best to resolve complaints, we are not able to do that for all. Here is a Quora post by our founder which will explain the constraints that we face and what we are doing to overcome them:
Hope you’ll understand.
Online Team

An email was also received to day.

This is in continuation of our conversation today. I hope you have had the chance to read the email I had sent earlier, describing Akosha‘s journey.
To add to that, it would indeed be very helpful if you could publish our side of the story as well. Here is what we have to say:
Akosha has come a long way since your blog post in March, 2014.
Today, Akosha works with more than 5000 brands in India and has handled more than 25 lakh customer service issues and has been able to get a major portion of them resolved.
Since the very nature of the task of resolving consumer complaints is pretty challenging (and perhaps that is why no one else is doing what we are trying to do), we are not able to resolve all the complaints that we work on and we are very open in communicating that to our customers. We pledge to help our customers with the case to the best of our ability but can’t give a guarantee that we’ll be able to resolve it ( and if the customer is really dissatisfied and the concern is genuine, we are okay with refunding the money that customer paid us.
Our current resolution rate is 61%. Although it’s not as close to what we hope for, we’re working really hard, day and night, to get better. And our hope is that the readers of this blog would also understand that and give us another chance to help them out.
In case anyone has any queries, they can send an email to support@akosha.comand we’ll do our best to help out.
Online Team
I hope you feel convinced this time about how our services have improved and grown. Please feel free to call me if you’d like to know some more.
The original Post.

I accidentally bumped into a site

It states that it would help you resolve your complaints against Companies and  the site’s Home Page says thus,

Akosha: Helping Consumers

Akosha, an online platform for filling & getting your complaint resolved. We are driven to ensure that the complaint/voice of the customer is heard by the brands.

  • Total Number of Complaints Filed: 4,65,212
  • Brands That Akosha Works With: 550
  • Money Saved For Consumers: 8,32,72,000
  • Updates By Akosha: 10,13,030

We help consumer in getting resolution to their complaints from brands across India. 

Will The Complaint Be Resolved?


What happens of the complaint is not resolved?


If after all our efforts your complaint remains unresolved then we would provide you documents with which you can file complaint in consumer court.

FILE COMPLAINT ON PHONE: CALL US @ 91-91-9266603254″

It also provides an Online Complaint form.

But curiously it does not talk about any charges.”

In Life, there is nothing that is called Free Lunch.

I investigated..

AKOSHA is a Fraud ..

I have given the complaint related to Country vacations to AKOSHA ..These people are similar to those people with false promises.

Initially i was reluctant to pay AKOSHA ..but one month these people are calling me to pay the fee to them so that they will resolve within one month ..but now its been more than a month THEY HAVE GIVEN UP and not even REFUNDING My money they display in their website.
Complete LOSS of my money to country vacation and then to AKOSHA.
GUYS ..DONT BELIEVE THIS MEDIATORS .. DO FIGHT YOURSELF by complaining or in consumer court.

After wasting my time with AKOSHA i need to get up and fight for Country vacations and AKOSHA to get my money back”

Akosha is just a fraud site. They have tie ups with companies so that they will never resolve issue and you end up paying it to Akosha service. Which utlimately is no use. They never pickup ur calls and never help you
On Akosha,
Singla looked around for help and all he found was people with similar experiences who had nowhere to go. Singla, then 27, quickly sensed a business opportunity and launched Akosha in January 2011.

Akosha’s basic services are free, but it charges between Rs 299 and Rs 1,499 from customers who wish to further escalate their complaints and seek legal assistance. The customer is charged according to the nature of his or her complaint and the size of the disputed amount.

“Most customers approach us after having tried their hand with the company’s customer care executives,” says Singla. “We take up these complaints directly with the marketing departments and higher-ups in the brands.”

For paid customers, if the issue is still unresolved, Akosha goes one step further. Its employees launch a social media campaign against the target company. Akosha’s Twitter handle tweets complainant’ sproblems on the social media, an area where leading brands and service providers try their best to avoid negative publicity.

Often, brands’ social media teams are different from their marketing and the customer care departments. One department exhorts the other to settle the complaint. For companies, retaining customers is as important as avoiding negative word of mouth.

This is where Singla and his small firm are able to pressure companies to address the problem. Akosha’s Twitter handle has around 3,000 followers.

“When we launch a social media campaign, we do it on behalf of the customer. We don’t proclaim that a company or a brand is a fraud. We impartially narrate the complaint on the brands’ social media page. Akosha does not do anything that may hurt the interests of the company,” Singla says, explaining how they avoid defamation suit.

But before accepting a complaint, Singla says his team first authenticates the complaint through internal checks.

Feedback welcome both for and against.
I recommend fling your complaints by yourself .
For procedure check under Consumer Forum.


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Baby Care Mother Care Online

I remember running from pillar to post to buy a Breast Pump when my daughter delivered a Baby.

I had to run around a couple of Stores before getting Confused.

Finally I got the contact from Just Dial to complete the purchase.

Baby are and Mother Online products.
For Baby and the Mother Products Online

In Online purchasing I did not have one Central point where I could get offers and make a comparison.

Starting from Pregnancy, now a days, when people go in for  Health Care products, they are at a loss.

I do not remember any product being bought by parents as a Child, let alone while I was a Baby.

For my children, my purchase was restricted to buying Amulspray Milk Powder, that’s all.

I never knew what a Diaper was till my Grand son came along.

Now as my Grand daughter is One year old, I seem to be finding a lot of things I never heard of.

Babyswipes, Changing mats,Grooming products,Bathing accessories.

For mothers, Pregnancy products,Breast feeding,Pregnancy Clothes,Books on Pregnancy, Baby Care

Then you have Nursery accessories for the Child, Books, Drawing Books, Stationary ..

One needs a lot of time to understand these products , at least for me!

To search for these?

Sometimes I wonder how I have grown without all these and I remain healthy even now.

However, this plethora of products have become necessary in world of competition and consumerism.

People are engaged in full-time occupations, both Husband and wife,for economic security.

They do not have the time and patience to sit through the Baby care.

One touch solution is needed.

So when Human presence in the form of elders are missing, for some reason or another, it is natural one goes for Consumerism, to ease the style of Living.

So one can not fault people going in for these products, though appear to be unnecessary are in fact essential, given the circumstances.

We do have Online sites for buying these products and there are some which offer you a comparison of products and offers.

One such site Online is

Here I found a complete range of Products relating to Pregnancy, pre-delivery and Post delivery.

Babyswipes, Diapers, Disposable,

Books for mothers, Children products, Toys,

Everything one needs for the Mother and the Baby.

You just log in the site and order.

There are no hidden charges, every thing included in the quoted Price.

How does one pay?

One can pay through Credit, Debit Cards,Online Credit,Gift Cards, Internet Banking or Pay Cash On Delivery.

Products are shipped through Popular Couriers .

If it is an Incorrect product, replacement is effected.

There are exceptions .

The order can also be Canceled .

Top Brands are available.

And one gets offers , Sale as well.

Online shopping reliable, swift and seems to be trustworthy.

You may try this.

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Find Area Cuisine Specific Food

My children often find a Restaurant after we finalize to eat out.

Then arguments ensue in choosing the Type of Food,Area,and the deals offered by them.

My habit has been to know by word of mouth the best restaurant by taste, and check which one is nearby.

That’s all.

Now  a lot of deliberation goes on this issue and most of the time, the Lunch or Dinner time is past.

They check the web or some application to locate a Restaurant.

They also use Google Maps.

On Google Maps, Me and my Daughter, though she is Computer savvy in all things. resort to finding the address or location by the best Media Known to Man,

Asking people around in every corner.

To locate a Hotel or a Restaurant of your  choice one has many options, check for general terms in Google, Type of Cuisine, or Area.

I chanced upon a site which lists City wise, Cuisine wise.Area specific listing .

It also contains information on the Deals being offered Restaurant specific.

Seems to be an easy method of locating a restaurant.

I am aware that there are many other sources on the web and application for the Mobiles.

Tome this seems to be easy.

Choose a Restaurant
Food Panda

Android applications are also available.

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Elder Abuse By Children Facebook Discussion.

Recently I shared a few of my posts on Elderly abuse by their children to Facebook Communities of which I am a member.

This is the Post.

Senior citizen abuse.
Children Leave parents at Old Age Homes

I was happy and sad at the same time .

Happy because the post generated a lot of discussion with members speaking out with out inhibition.

Sad because it revealed to me the malaise that is eating our Society.

Though the views of the communities need not reflect the views of all the other Communities in general, this particular community views are taken as a model for others despite their bashing this Community.

During the course of the discussions I came across views, which I will sum up as it would be unethical to post them direct here.

1.All agree that there is this problem of leaving the elderly in Old Age Homes

.2.The elderly also prefer it.

3.This, from the trend and profiles I could gleam, seems to be from NRI .( parents of NRIs and the parents themselves)

4.It is my impression that there seems to be communication disconnect between the Parents and the Children.

5.Children do want to keep them at Home.

6.Sad was a comment the children is ‘an Insurance for parents’ posted by a Parent.

7.Equally appalling was a comment that “Parents are incorrigible and make the Life of Children Hell”

I have posted my views in the group discussion.

Then there was a question of Duty of Sons (No body spoke about daughters!)

The point is that where was this problem, say 40 years ago?

Agreed that we had differences at Homes with parents with us, we never thought that ‘they were living with us’ rather’ we were living in a Home’

Tiffs are always sorted out,

Then why so now?

1.People have gone after monetary values alone.

Parents want their sons to go abroad , especially the US for Higher Studies and Jobs.

When they get a Green Card, the parents feel that they own the world.

Forgetting that the values and the standard of Living shall make sure that they do not return.

If you have sent your child abroad you should be prepared for it.

Alternately, you should stay with them there.

If you a can not stay because you  want to come to your Native place,  then you have no other  option but to stay here alone or in an Old Age Home.

You can not blame the children for it.

Not that you need not send your children abroad, but only that you should have the maturity to handle the consequences.

2.Interfering in Grown up children’s day-to-day affairs.

Many elderly do resort to this as a sign of showing their control of the Household.

It produces the opposite reaction.

You have run the family for nearly 30 t0 40 years and you have taught , or you thought you had taught your children to face Life,.

Why not leave them be?

What could they do?

They might make mistakes. like you and I ( should this be ‘Me’) have made when we were young, or for that matter even now.

Why not admit that the younger generation may be, in fact, is more intelligent in handling practical Life than we did?

Let them run the family the way they want.

If you have brought them up well and proper they would have the basic Morals alright.

That would do.

Not the silly expectation of them coming to you and submitting their account and informing you where they are gong and what they are doing.

We have run our Race,

Let the Relay race run.If you run along  the relay runner, you Team, The Family, will lose.

Elders need to handle this with maturity.

2.For Children.

Parents are not your enemies.

They say and do hings for you, they may not know to how to go about saying or doing it.

Do not suspect their Love or their concern for you.

They are not Incorrigible.

These incorrigible idiots made you into what you are to-day, even enabling you to speak this way.

The value of parents will be known when they are no more.

Only Parents love you for what You are.-with all your warts.

Others for What You have.

PS.I have not touched the actual Physical and mental abuse of Parents here.

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