Gravity, Film Review,For The Discerning,

Yet,Gravity does just that ‘conceptualizing beyond the Human Mind and execution beyond technology, that is Human Creativity plus technology.

One is overwhelmed while rating the film, rate it the best for Photography,Special Effects. Editing, Music,Script,Dialogues Acting,Direction,or the Best film of all times in this Genre.

A crew aboard a Mission craft are left stranded in Space because of malfunction and the escape routes are blocked by falling man-made Satellite debris, which cuts off all communications,

How the issue is resolved forms the story.

As I have indicated in my earlier post before viewing the film, one does know how to react when lost in Space when you get disoriented.

How Porn Stars Are Recruited,Inside Story.

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Microsoft to Produce Thriller Movies

  Microsoft is planning to produce Hollywood type Films on the lines of ‘Survivor’,C.S.I’   This is to help  the creation of original video content that will be available through Microsoft’s Xbox, as well as other devices that connect to it, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Story: Microsoft is making a big move into producing Hollywood-style […]