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Ramanis Prayer Portal

I have received quite a few emails over the last few days as to why I have not posted any new post.

Nor have I replied the comments on this site.

Lord Ganesha

Usually I reply the  comments immediately.

The reason why I did not post a new article is that my daughter met with a serious accident, which has resulted in the Fracture of Four vertebrae , three rib bones and two bones in the Face.

Thanks to the Prayers of well wishers no harm to her internal organs ike Brain, Lungs or spinal cord.

Though slight puncture of the Lung is noticed it is not a cause for concern.

However she is to undergo two surgical procedures  the next Wednesday/Thursday for fractures in the face and Jaw.

On seeing the visuals of the accident I was shocked at the seriousness of the accident.

I was convinced that Prayers only could save her and I shared the information on Facebook requesting people to Pray for Her.

I was astounded at the response from the people offering prayers, messages encouraging me to be brave, offers of Medicines from India ,US, medical advice from Doctors,Blood offers , special vows from people on behalf of my daughter!

I have lost count of the messages pouring in.

I think it must have crossed the 7000 mark.

Such a spontaneous gesture from people one does not even know moved me.

Thanks to these kind souls my daughter has come unscathed from serious injuries though two operations are due

Now I am more than convinced about the collective power of Prayer from people who are not known to the affected.

I have opened up a new page to help people in times of Distress,Physical injury, diseases, Emotional and mental problems,financial worries.

They can post the messages in the Ramani’s Prayer Portal , a Facebook page of Mine,.

I shall be providing effective Mantras , mostly from the Vedas.

Readers can participate in the Prayers.

Time and other details are mentioned in the Page.

Kindly make use of the Page.

Ramani’s Prayer Portal


Thinking Of Suicide Try This, Suicide World Helplines

I have been often maintaining that the present generation is well-informed, plan better, organize their careers  and systematically take care of things material.

Suicide Quote.
Suicide Quote.

The area they seem to lack is the mental toughness to handle Life.

They sound alright till they have everything going their way, cushy job, material comforts starting from a Smartphone to own Home.

But once they encounter a slight problem in what they imagine to be Perfect World, their world comes apart.

It might be the denial of a Smartphone ‘ loss of a Job or a troubled relationship.

They seek solace in Drinks and Drugs.

They remain depressed, seek the help of a Psychiatrist.

And there is a stigma attached to visiting a Psychiatrist.Even in advanced countries like the US, once the Employer knows you had been consulting a Psychiatrist, your chances of getting a job gets reduced.

This is true of Relationships as well

What one needs is Character , application and the wisdom to understand that, well..’ Life is Bitchy: it can toss you around for no fault of yours.

This process takes longer.

Another course of action is to confide in Family elders, a rare commodity or in friends, again rarer.

The next best for immediate solution is the Anonymous Help where Trained professionals , who have no axe to grind against you, with whom your problems will remain confidential.A world wide Suicide Help Line is available.

I am providing the details and Link.

Best is to be tough in meeting Life’s problems and not give up.

You are here for a Purpose.

Job, relationship loss, are temporary.

Read some of my posts under Lifestyle, Hinduism, Indian Philosophy.

“Are you having trouble coming out or just need someone to talk to? Do you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts? We have made a list of some very useful organizations that were made just to help you. First, choose your country from the list below.

Don’t want to call anyone? You don’t have to. Click here to watch videos made by people who’ve been through their coming out process.
India Helplines.

Fast Action For Public Grievances, Works!

Normally, A Public Grievance Cell is opened periodically by the Politicians in Power amidst fanfare, after an initial burst, it dies a natural Death.

it becomes a routine paper pushing exercise.

The Tamil Nadu Public Grievance Cell by Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, is delivering with constant  monitoring by her,

If you have a grievance please use this.


Effectiveness, Efficiency and Accountability. In order to ensure, that the public from diverse backgrounds, face no barriers in receiving Government services, are assisted when their entitlements are impeded, are facilitated to voice their grievance and appropriate remedy given to genuine complaints, the Chief Minister’s Special Cell has been formed. Armed with a genuine purpose the Chief Minister’s Special Cell functions as the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s Grievance Redressal forum open to public from all walks of life. Norms are established to redress the grievances in an expeditious, fair and sympathetic manner without giving room for public dissatisfaction. The petitions are sent to the respective Departments and replies are fed into the online monitoring system. The Departments have been sensitised on the necessity for prompt and effective disposal of the petitions. Review meetings are being convened with the nodal officers of each Department/ District so that offices brooking delay are made accountable.”

You receive an acknowledgement and you can track your petition..

The acknowledgement looks like this.

Ack.Public grievance Tamil Nadu.
Ack.Public grievance Tamil Nadu.



Help Locate These People?An Appeal

I posted an article Uttarakhand Floods Helplines Find People.
I received the following message in the form of a comment.?
Will somebody help in locating these people and inform the person who has posted this message?
I am sure some of my readers are tech savvy .
Please help.
July 1, 2013 at 22:15 | Edit

My mother and my son an kit meena is missing lived in gram teekamodh nasrullaganj distt sehore mp.if u have any information please call 09826682756 or emailOwais78khan@gmail.com


Uttarakhand Floods Helplines Find People

Following are the Helplines for the Uttarakhand Flood devastation , which has claimed 1000 lives so far and had left 30,000 stranded.

Uttarakhand Floods
Uttarakhand Floods
Lord Siva's Statue submerged
Lord Siva’s Statue submerged

Indian Army Web site  Helpline.



BSNL Toll Free Number 1800-180-5558
Mobile Number 8009833388
Landline Number 0522-2482901
TATA Toll Free Number 1800-419-0282
Landline Number 01634-233700
Mobile Number 09410520486
Landline Number 0135-2710334
Landline Number 01381-460569
Landline Number 05946-250138
Landline Number 01364-233236
Mobile Number 08395038251
Landline Number 01363-240799
Mobile Number 07895489337
Landline Number 01389-222259
Mobile Number 09557430129
Landline Number 05967-222020
Mobile Number 091763095758

Uttarkashi: 01374-226126, 226161

Chamoli: 01372-251437

Tehri: 01376-233433

Rudraprayag: 01732-1077

The ITBP helpline and control room numbers: 011-24362892, 9968383478

Army medical emergency helpline numbers: 18001805558, 18004190282, 8009833388

Uttarakhand Helpline numbers: 0135-2710334, 2710335, 2710233

Railway helpline numbers at Haridwar: 09760534054/09760534055;

Dehradun: 01352622131;

Rishikesh: 0135243416

Many NGOs are also running campaign:

Uday Foundation 011-26561333, Email: help@udayfoundationindia.org

Relief Material can be sent directly to Uday Foundation Uttrakhand Warehouse cum base camp office at following address:-

Uday Foundation – Help for Uttrakhand

C/O Parmarth Gurukul

Veerpur Khurdh

PO: Virbhadra

Rishikesh, Uttrakhand – 249202

Monetary help can be send through cheque or DD in favour of “Uday Foundation” and courier the same to Uday Foundation, 91A ( Near Airtel) Adhchini, Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110017



Please use this to find persons missing.

Currently tracking about 15000 records.
You can request status via SMS by sending an SMS to 9 77 33 00 000with the message Search person-name.
For example, if you are searching for Jayanth, send the messageSearch Jayanth


Disaster Management Service On-Line.

“Nothing happens unexpectedly, everything has an indication,
we just have to observe the connections.”

We nomally are confused and apprehensive when disaster strikes.

We are in need of updated information and forewarning.

Following site will be of use in times of Emergency, Disasters any where in the world.

Select the appropriate tag and Click, you have the information.

This site is reported safe and authentic as national Geographic and Asia Pacific Tsunami warning centre.

Disaster and Emergency AlertMap

Climate Change Monitoring and News


Call and request from you! We would like extend ours earthquake monitoring system. We are looking for as a first step in South and Central America, online resources, especially near realtime XML and / or CSV resources. The sources include: Unique ID, date and time (UTC), magnitude, depth and latitude and longitude.

If you know such a source, please send us an email havaria@rsoe.hu or zsolt.boszormenyi@rsoe.hu. (Subject include: XML / CSV source)

Of course, if you know of other sources such countries (mainly India, Pakistan, Africa, Russia) are also ones interested us. In addition, we need XLS / CSV source, which indicates the status of volcano. (Smithsonnian source are excluded)

We thank you in advance for your help and hope so that more accurate data we can present the events occurred.

I thank you for your help again!

Zsolt Boszormenyi


Lesbian Helpline Chennai records increase-No Real Help.

Indian Community Welfare organization had set up a Helpline for Lesbians in Chennai,044 65515742, in2009.

In 200

Lesbian & Gay Christians [Exeter LGBT Pride 2011]
Image by Cariad Eccleston via Flickr
9, it received 100 clls per day,150 in 2010 and in 2011, 400 calls.

The major queries were.

Whether lesbianism is correct and normal behavior.

Fights at Home with Men over the Lesbianism.

A.Hariharan of ICWO states that the organization does not answer on Morality and requests the complainant to attend Lesbian Groups to share their experience.

When some one seeks clarification, it is essential to provide it.

By asking people to attend to Group Discussions and asking them to share their experiences is not going to help any one excepting to know more about the problem and in some cases might help to pick up new Liaisons.

The question is on the acceptability of Lesbianism.

Honest answer should be that Lesbianism is not accepted as Normal Behavior.

Considering the present social structure the individuals must be advised to keep it mind and if they still want to continue these relationships, they shall face domestic as well as Social problems.

The society has accepted codes of behavior and the behavior of Gays/Lesbians affect the family and Relationships.

While it is true that these behaviors are to be accommodated,if not cured, the Gays /Lesbians must be made aware of the fact, they can not force others to forgo their relationships and value systems .

In a case known to me a  Lesbian girl from an Orthodox Family got married to a Man, made his Life Hell before finally agreeing to divorce him.

In fairness of things,Lesbians/Gays must be honest with others and declare their behavior prior to getting married and be prepared to lead a  Life with out complicating others’ lives.

They can not expect others’ lives to be disturbed on account of their behavior .

They should learn to accept the consequences of their Behavior and not intrude on others’ lives.

If they can not do this , they will undergo problems in the society.

Gays /Lesbians may accept that their Behavior is not Normal and be prepared to accept this fact and lead a Life with other like minded people and lead a Life without bothering about what others say and not disturb other relationships in the Family by forcing them to accept their(Gays/Lesbians) non-normal behavior.

CHENNAI: Alternative sexuality may still be a topic discussed only in whispers in Chennai, but the number of city women calling up the first helpline for lesbians in the country has been going up considerably.

The lesbian helpline (044-65515742) run by Indian Community Welfare Organisation (ICWO) in the city gets, on an average, more than a call every day. Last year the line got 400 calls, up from 150 calls in 2010. In 2009,the year when itwasestablished, the helpline got around 100 calls.

Most of the calls are from women who are either in dilemma over accepting their sexual orientation or those facing insult and harassment for having spoken it out. “Constant fights at home, especially with the men, are a common complaint from women who callup tosaythey are lesbians,” says A J Hariharan of ICWO. “We organise counselling and group discussions to support such people.



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