Avoid These Unnecessary Medical Tests And Procedures.

In India we used to give Castor oil as a Laxative. But this has to be practiced since childhood. As this was not the case with my daughter, I tried Plantains on the first day and Greens in food the next day. No results. I could try Epsom Salt. But my daughter insisted that we go to a hospital, that to a Super Specialty at that in Chennai. We went there, consulted a Physician, who directed us to a Gastroenterologist.. While examining my daughter the Doctor was quizzing on where my daughter was working, whether she had Medical Claim facility. Then he asked us to come for an Endoscopy the next Day , with an empty stomach and said that he was prescribing a medicine. He added that it might relieve the bowel problem and that to prevent(!) such problems an Endoscopy is needed,it would cost Rs.800! The medicine costed us Rs. 2.90 paise and the Consultation fee was Rs 300! The Medicine..Epsom Salt! Many Doctors indirectly pressurize you into taking unnecessary Medical Tests. A Novice Doctor will tell you' you should take the Test" The experienced and the wily ones will tell you, Of course, you need not have these tests. But in my experience I have seen cases becoming complex if these Preliminary Tests are not taken! What would you do? You would take these Tess. Not only these Tests are costly, but in some cases they may be dangerous to Health. I am providing information on the Test that are wholly unnecessary with Links. Assert your rights with your Doctor. Routinely performing annual PAP tests for women 30 to 65 years old. • Prescribing antipsychotic medication as a first choice to treat behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. • Prescribing testosterone in men with erectile dysfunction and normal testosterone levels. • Screening healthy people — with no symptoms — for cancer using a PET/CT scan. • Treating an elevated PSA in men with antibiotics when no other symptoms are present. • Prescribing Xanax, Valium, Ativan, and other drugs known as benzodiazepines in older patients as a first choice for insomnia, agitation or delirium.


‘Elders,Hurry Up and Die’ Japan Minister Decay of A Culture

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Modern Medicine,’Clinical decisions Arbitrary, Uncertain and Variable

True. While we have too many technological advancements in Modern Medicine, the cure takes longer, you are sure of the side effects and of course it is costly. I am yet to see a Doctor of Modern Times( I mean from late eighties) who checks up your pulse, talks to you on your symptoms and family History. … Continue reading Modern Medicine,’Clinical decisions Arbitrary, Uncertain and Variable

Senior Citizens To Carry Medical Certificates For Train Travel.-IRCTC.

IRCTC, the Commercial wing of Indian Railways are set to insist on those between 60-70 years to carry a Medical Certificate from a physician on their Health and to the effect that they are carrying necessary medicines while on Tours organised by IRCTC. Proposal is also on to enlist the services of Doctors and  attendants to accompany … Continue reading Senior Citizens To Carry Medical Certificates For Train Travel.-IRCTC.

Joint Commission(Medicine)-A Fat cat That Helps itself.

This  organisation, for fee US $ 46,00,000 plus the inspecting teams expenses like Travel ,accredits Hospitals. In return this body inspects Hospitals unannounced and conducts Survey. There have been scandals and manipulations as well. Any Doctor/Hospital knows or must know what is needed by way of systems,procedures, knowledge updating for patient Care. If you require some body … Continue reading Joint Commission(Medicine)-A Fat cat That Helps itself.